C.J Spiller vs. Ryan Mathews

I believe that Mathews will have a better year than Spiller because he landed in a much better spot in San Diego than Spiller did in Buffalo.  Mathews has a better OL in front of him and yes a better QB, which potentially keeps defences from stacking the box against him, which means he will get more yards before contact, always a plus.  Mathews also starts in an even time share or better with Sproles as they will fill different roles on the team, Mathews being the 1st and 2nd down back and Sproles being the 3rd down pass catching back.  Spiller doesn’t have anything close to that kind of guaranteed position on his team with potentially Fred Jackson getting more carries ahead of him and Marshawn Lynch looking to steal carries from him as well.  Currently Fred Jackson has a broken 4th metacarpal in his left hand and Lynch is rehabbing a sprained ankle.  Although it seems like all the pieces are falling into place for Spiller to be named the starter, come the first game of the season, he is still running behind an awful offensive line and has a QB that make Mort Goldman look confident.  Expect Mathews to have the better fantasy season this year.

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