Steve Smith vs. Hakeem Nicks

Steve Smith is a trusted target of Eli Manning as shown by his 159 targets last year compared to Nicks’ 75.  Only Brandon Marshall had more red zone targets than Smith last year.

Second, I look for the Giants to not throw the ball as much this year and get back to the ground game and a more balanced attack.  This means less catches to spread around than last year and split between Smith, Manningham, Nicks, Boss, Boss (not a typo, there are 2), and Bradshaw.  So although his targets may increase some if he cements his #2 role alongside Smith, I still believe Nicks will have less targets (90) to Smith (130) and therefore less fantasy points.

That being said, Nicks is a huge talent with good speed (4.5 – 40 time) and a big player (6’0 – 212 lbs).  He breaks long catches as 5 of his 47 catches last year went for over 40 yards and he posted a large average/catch (16.8). Depending on how deep your league is,  Hakeem Nicks could still be a good value pick.  If Nicks drops to you in your draft at a spot that isn’t a #1 or #2 WR position, he has big upside potential and will be worth drafting as your 3rd WR.


2 responses to “Steve Smith vs. Hakeem Nicks

  1. Thanks a lot Henry! I took your advice and tried to ride Steve Smith to the win bank. Guess what happened? I lost. Was it your fault? Maybe. I mean, it’s tough to put the entire loss on one player or one mistake but I think I can. It was your fault!

  2. I’m not going to lie, this one looks ugly. I still stand by my research and feel that by the end of the regular season, this looks right. I can’t always be right, sorry little guy, grade 4 must be tough on you…wait Dallas!, pull your head out of your ass!

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