What We Learned Week 1

The first week of the NFL season is often the most interesting as the storylines that have played out during the off-season, draft and training camp are now seen in the cold harsh light of the regular season.Sometimes week 1 occurrences are an aberration that quickly is corrected, but more often than not we see these cold hard truths throughout the season.

These are some of the interesting observations from yesterday:

Teams that were projected to be the cream of the crop struggled, in victories and loses, in week 1. The Dallas Cowboys looked confused and inept on offense as they fell to the Washington Redskins on Sunday night 13-7. Many people and publications were projecting a home Superbowl for the Cowboys at Jerry World, but after week 1 that seems to be a long way off. The Minnesota Vikings, another sexy pick from the NFC, led by the saviour Brett Favre looked awful against the New Orleans Saints on the opening Thursday falling 14-9. The Atlanta Falcons, who many seem to think could overtake the Superbowl Saints had a field goal festival in a loss to the quarterback less Pittsburgh Steelers.

On the west coast the San Francisco 49ers, who were supposed to return to their mid 90s prominence, were beaten by the Seattle Seahawks 31-6. If coach Mike Singletary dropped his pants in the locker room when expectations were far less, what happened in the locker room after this embarrassment?

The talk about Texans running back Arian Foster being one of the best kept secrets in the NFL and Fantasy world seems to be true. With 231 yards and 3 touchdowns against the Colts he showed that he belongs in the #1 spot and on your fantasy teams. I know it is the Colts defence and they could not stop Betty White from having a 100 yard game, but watching him was impressive.

Donovan McNabb is alive. I do not know what they are putting in Chunky Soup, but this guy looks better than he has in years. He appeared spry and young running around making plays for the Washington Redskins. Maybe it is not having to deal with fans in Philadelphia, who were booing in the 2nd, or maybe it is the Mike Shannahan factor, but with the way he is playing he could take the Redskins further than we thought. While in Philadelphia they are choosing between a concussed Kevin Kolb and a man who is not allowed to own pets in Mike Vick.

The Chicago Bears continue to be one of the most confusing, worst run, frustrating, nonsensical teams in the NFL. After being gifted a win over the Detroit Lions, yes the Detroit Lions, you look at the numbers and cannot figure out how they got to that point. With almost 500 yards of offense, including 372 passing, injuring the other teams starting QB and forcing 3 turnovers they were within a last minute throw of losing the game. This team is managed worse than a McDoanlds night shift and watching Lovie Smith’s blank stare is almost too much at times.

Chris Johnson is as good as he says he is. He ran for 142 yards and 2 touchdowns against an improved Raiders defence. Throughout most of the offseason I started to grow tired of his arrogance and his inflated opinion of himself, but then I realized that it is not inflated at all. This guy is the most exciting player in the NFL and shows it week to week. I have no problem with a guy talking about how great he is, if in fact he is great. Buckle up people 2000 yards is not unreasonable. And Tennessee, pay the man.


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