King of the Blog: 2,500 Yards for Chris Johnson

Alright, welcome to another round of King of the Blog.  Each week, we will introduce a topic of discussion and two of our writers will square off in a head-to-head battle.  A winner will be crowned and the winner will fight another battle in the following week.

Without further ado, let’s introduce the two gladiators set to discuss this weeks topic:

In the red trunks, we got Ryan “What’s Up?” Karhut (the Ryan Karhut in Athletes Angle with Ryan Karhut).

In the Lycra Spandex Unisex Suit, we got Ryan “don’t call me Karhut” Henry (fantasy football expert extraordinaire).

And I, Dallas, will be your moderator.  Today’s topic:  Can Chris Johnson of the Tennessee Titans really rush for 2,500+ yards this season?


Henry, you won the toss, why don’t you get us started.

Hell yes Chris Johnson can get to 2,500 yards rushing.  He tells me he can, I believe him.  Who else gets to run all game every game?  We have seen that he is always one hand off from exploding for as many yards as are between him and the end zone.  He is exciting, explosive, and determined to insert his name into conversations with Labron, Koby, and Tiger.  I will be clapping the whole way as he runs down this target as I own him in every league I was able to get my hands on him.

Good, that will be the end of the discussion.  Thanks for your time.

Delusion runs rampant like Chris Johnson did LAST YEAR!!!!

Running backs in today;s NFL have flash in the pan success. Their window of opportunity is unlike every other positions in that they are considered washed up by age 29 or 30. Quarterbacks play well into their 30’s and are usually considered in their “prime” around 28 to 34. Not only will Chris Johnson fail to reach 2,500 yards but he also will never reach his totals from a year ago. He may, and probably will put up very good numbers (1,500-1,800 yards a year) but no more than that. He could and will have big touchdown numbers in the next few years, I would say 20+ or so, making him a fantasy dynamo. Unfortunately, as far as this conversation goes, Chris Johnson will never eclipse the 2,500 yard mark nor will he be considered the LeBron James or Tiger Woods of football……I’m thinking more like the LaDanian Tomlinson or Shaun Alexander of his era.

This should help stop the delusion being spread by Chris Johnson and so called “fantasy expert” Henry…….BAM!!!!!!

Don’t be fooled by that jumbled mess above people.  Chris Johnson is not 29 or 30, he is 24 and he is special.  He strikes fear into the heart of defenses, except Pittsburgh apparently (and now Denver), and strikes for TD’s often.  No other running back gets the chance to kill the clock in blowouts for their team and still gets the rock even if his team is getting blown out.  He has some kind of power or secret agreement with Jeff Fisher that allows him to have as many or as little touches as he wants.  Guess what, he has 12 games left and he is already at 350+ yards with his toughest matchup behind him.  He only has to average 180 yards to get to his goal and my guess is he does it!

Talking about QB’s doesn’t say why Chris Johnson won’t get to his mark!

In response to my inferior, Henry, Johnson is 24 and doing the math he has 6 productive seasons left AT BEST! He is a fast running back, much like Willie Parker and Tomlinson were. Once fast guys like that lose a step, their productivity drops off immensely because they can’t run inside well to begin with and then they can’t gain the corner. These type of runners drop off very fast, in particular, Willie Parker and LeDanian Tomlinson at 28 and 29 years old respectively.  Johnson really has 5 productive years left. Coming off a big year like last year and Vince Young’s struggles means teams will key on Johnson and no one else on that offense. Johnson went off last year, hugely in part to Vince Young’s ability to make big completions to keep defences off balance. Chris Johnson has three good statistical years left in him, one of which will be exceptional, unfortunately, not this season. He will still have a good year, touchdown heavy and 1800 yards.

Count it!

Good so far fellas but Ryan, why do you continue to talk about the upcoming years? The question is if Chris Johnson can gain 2,500 yards THIS season?

Oh I thought it was 2,500 yards in a season at some point in his career. My bad.

I may be your inferior on air, however, in fantasy, you are out of your league, mon frere.  Your inability to focus on the question of will Chris Johnson get to 2500 yards THIS SEASON makes this a one sided conversation.  I’m not sure why you’re doing math on the possible 6 seasons Chris Johnson has left.  He’s here now and he is amazing!  Your only close-to-relevant point is that Chris Johnson relies on Vince Young for big completions to keep defences off balance.  Is this the same Vince Young that started only 10 games last season?  Is this the same Vince Young that only had 1, 300+ yard game?  What defence is scared of that?  Defences were more scared of being struck by lightning than by being burnt deep by Kenny Brit or Nate Washington last year.  The only thing that “big completion” Vince Young did last year was hand off the ball to Chris Johnson and throw it at him every chance he could.  Chris Johnson got over 2000 yards rushing last year with only 57 yards against Pittsburgh and 34 yards against Indy.  He will hit the 2500 yard mark this season and go down in the books as one of the best running backs the NFL has ever seen!

Oh delusion has caused you to be blinded by love for your fantasy running back!

Last year, Johnson’s numbers were inflated because Young’s “big completions” weren’t big yards, rather they were big first downs that extended drives to give Johnson more carries against a tired defense. This year, all the defensive coordinators that play Johnson had months of studying film on the young back and are way more prepared to shut him down. This is the same reason why Brees isn’t as dominate or why the wildcat offense in Miami isn’t as strong as it was two years ago. These are pro coaches that spend months learning how to shut down one team or player that they think may or could get in their way of the playoffs. Johnson is a talent but I would be amazed if he broke 1,500 yards lining up against teams who are ready for him. Simply put, 2,500 yards is a ridiculously unachievable number that WILL NOT HAPPEN this year or any year of his career. I think Peterson has a better chance of getting to 2000 yards than Johnson does! I can’t wait until week 12 when you admit defeat!!!

That’s it, this one is over. Ryan pick yourself up from the floor and congratulate Ryan Henry, the King of the Blog champion! That was a beat down and a half! Henry, take a couple seconds and give us the final word.

It’s unfair. I misread the question

Oh my, this is all so sudden!  So many people to thank, so little time.  I’d like to thank my job that allows me so very much free time to pursue my true love, fantasy football.  Special thanks to my wife Katie, whose love of Peyton Manning has given me free reign all Sunday’s, Thursday’s, and Monday nights to watch every game to see what the real story is in each game.  Finally, thank you Chris Johnson.  Your gift of 2000 yards last year made my fantasy football dynasty team the single greatest team fantasy leagues have ever seen!

“This is all so sudden”?!  You beat a guy that misread the question!  Regardless, Henry is the King of the Blog.  Be sure to check back next week to see if Henry can defend his title.  Better yet, maybe you would like to take him on in a blog round.  Contact us at to go head-to-head with the King of the Blog.


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