The NFL Trade Deadline

The NFL Trade Deadline is coming up fast as we approach the October 19th cut off and it is always an interesting time of the year. Unlike in other sports where the trade deadline is a heated time where midnight deals and blockbuster trades are being reported, the NFL trade deadline is much quieter. The reasons for this range from the cost in draft picks and contracts to the competitive nature of the 16 game season. I will discuss some of the trades that have happened and some of the players that may be changing addresses mid season.

Trades that Have Happened

The only blockbuster to report so far is the return of Randy Moss to the Minnesota Vikings. The Minnesota Vikings traded their 3rd round pick in 2011 to the New England Patriots to bring back the controversial star wide receiver.  The deal looks great for the Vikings as they have had a huge weakness on offense and part of that has been the WR position. With Sidney Rice [1312 yards 8 TDs] injured, Percy Harvin [790 yards 6 TDs] hampered this season by migraines, and Bernard Berrian simply sucking the WR position has been a real weakness for the Vikings. In walks a perennial all star and top 10 WR in the NFL, with the only drawback being Moss’ age of 33. This is a fantastic move for the Vikings as they are in a win this year mode and cannot afford to drop anymore games.

The Patriots seem to be making a very interesting move. It had been reported in the Boston area media that Randy Moss had become and off field distraction, to the point that he blew up on a Patriots assistant coach at halftime of the Monday night football game against the Dolphins. The Patriots are competitive this year, and I cannot understand why they would deal a player that would help them do that. It appears like a give up move, as if they do not feel competitive and are dealing older veterans for picks. You cannot tell me that this move makes the Patriots better moving forward this season. However, the Patriots now have two picks in every round of the draft next year.

Winner: Minnesota Vikings

The luckiest man of the NFL trade deadline is Buffalo Bills RB Marshawn Lynch, who is leaving Buffalo to join the Seattle Seahawks. Marshawn Lynch might be the ugliest man in the NFL, but his game is not. The Green Bay Packers were rumored to be interested in the former Cal star, and college team mate of QB Aaron Rodger, but the Packers are notoriously cheap with draft picks. Lynch instantly becomes a power runner for the Seahawks and at the cost of a 4th round pick in 2011 and a 6th round pick in 2012 the cost is very reasonable.

For the Bills they get draft picks, that they can screw up, and can move a player in a position of strength at RB and invest in other areas. I am not a fan of trading established talent for mid round picks as most 4th round picks are 50/50 in terms of having an impact.

Winner: Seattle Seahawks

Trades that Could Happen

Chicago Bears Trade for an Offensive Lineman

The Bears Offensive Line was abused by the Giants on Sunday night and a major weakness on a 3-1 team was exposed. With General Manager Jerry Angelo and Head Coach Lovie Smith on the hot seat, and a win now mentality, the Bears may jump into the market for a player like Patriots OG Logan Mankins, who is holding out for a new contract.

Prediction: Patriots trade OG Logan Mankins to the Chicago Bears for a 2nd round pick in 2011.

Green Bay Packers trade for a RB

With the injury to Ryan Grant in week 1 of the season the Packers run game has become none existent and a liability to a team that had Superbowl aspirations. After missing on Marshawn Lynch the Packers may choose to look at a more blockbuster option as they have been rumored to be looking into Panthers RB DeAngelo Williams. Williams is a premium player and would require a premium pick in compensation.

Prediction: Carolina Panther trade RB DeAngelo Williams and a 4th round pick in 2011 to the Green Bay Packers for a 1st round pick and a 3rd round pick in 2011.

Carolina Panthers trade for a WR

Steve Smith looks poised to miss some time with injury and Dwayne Jarrett released after a DWI arrest this week the cupboard is bare for the Panthers. The Panthers are starting a rookie QB and simply cannot leave him without WRs. I do not think they will get as crazy as making an offer for Vincent Jackson of the Chargers, but a trade with Washington for former 2nd round pick Devin Thomas is not out of the question. Thomas has shown flashes in his first couple of seasons and at 6’2” 215lbs he has the size the Panthers might want after cutting the 6’5” Jarrett.

Prediction: The Washington Redskins trade WR Devin Thomas to the Carolina Panthers for a 4th round pick in 2011.



2 responses to “The NFL Trade Deadline

  1. Save me PACKERS I swear I’m better than Ryan Grant, I’ll make your team better now, stop sitting on draft picks and potential and get a baller now! – Signed every backup running back in the league!!!!

  2. My QB is junk along with my team SOS! – signed Jonathan Stewart and DeAngelo Williams

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