If You Build It, They Will Come…Stadiums and Arenas (air date: October 18, 2010)

athletesangle.com -Have you noticed how many stadiums are either in construction or being proposed in cities across Canada?  Well, we have.  Cities such as Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, Regina, Winnipeg, Hamilton, Ottawa, and Quebec City all have stadium or arena projects either proposed or under construction.  To help us sort out some of the issues that come along with these types of projects, we’re joined by Councillor Mike O’Donnell, the Ward 8 representative in the City of Regina, who walks us through the process the City of Regina is currently going through with their stadium development initiative.  In our fantasy football segment, Henry sorts out who does and does not belong in the top tier of quarterbacks.

Listen to the show right here!

Or download the show here:  Athlete’s Angle – Stadiums (aired October 18, 2010)

Here are some interesting web sites mentioned in today’s show:


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