The Bulls and Bears of Fantasy Football

So I’ve thought now that we are more than one third of our way through our fantasy football season, I thought I’d share with you my thoughts on some players you should be buying or selling to make that push for a championship.


Eli Manning

If you are hoping for this guy to carry your team in through the playoffs it is time to jump off that bandwagon. Through six games this year Eli has 13 turnovers to just 10 touchdowns. With protection problems and a inconsistent receiving core, I would try and move this guy and hope another owner still believes in him. He is on pace to set a career high in interceptions (21) and fumbles (12). He still has two games against the Cowboys, Redskins and Eagles as well as road games against the Vikings and Packers. His fantasy playoff matchups are @Vikings,  home to the Eagles and @Packers. Not looking like there’s going to be a lot of success there. SELL SELL SELL!

Matt Forte

I know he looks sexy in that Mike Martz offense and that’s why if you have him, now is the time to sell! His value is perceived high but with his inability to run the ball this year, only 80 carries for 31 yards through 6 games, this guy is in a must trade situation. Fantasy football is all about running backs who get the touches. Sure he catches quite a bit out of the back field, 21 for 272 yards, but this is nothing compared to the Frank Gores, Arian Fosters, and Chris Johnsons in fantasy. His fantasy numbers are over inflated right now because of two big games (week 1 & 5) where he played the Lions and the Panthers…….not exactly something to brag about.  His value is higher right now than it’ll ever be the rest of the season and with his fantasy playoff matchups being the Patriots, Vikings and Jets I’m ringing the bell and it’s time to SELL!

Andre Johnson

You read it right but before you judge me hear me out….Andre is coming off back-to-back 1500 yard seasons! That is incredible but also the peak of his career.  Just like I said when Tom Brady threw 50 touchdowns to only 8 interceptions in 2007. I was selling the next year on him too! Why? Because he can only go down from there. These accomplishments, by both players, are incredible and in the NFL almost impossible to maintain or repeat.  Johnson will never top those stats in his career and he’s not once scored more than 9 touchdowns in a season. As his career progresses his touchdowns may go up, as the team gets better and gets more opportunities in the red zone, but his yards will forever decline as Houston finds out riding one receiver will only get you to an 8-8 season. So, I strongly suggest to trade him now whilst his fantasy value is thru the roof and fleece an owner into giving you all he’s got…….while you still can!

Honorable Mention: I’m also selling Michael Turner because his backups are more productive then him.


LaDainian Tomlinson

I was the last one to jump on board with this guy but he is getting better each and every game! The Jets o-line is the BEST run blocking o-line in the league this year. LaDainian seems to have the jump in his legs that he was missing last year in San Diego. He has now successfully pushed Shonn Greene out of the way and is taking the lions share of carries for the Jets. He’s on pace for 1300+ yards this year and 13 touchdowns. I believe his touchdown total will end up around 15 as he was the No.2 back the first two games and has 5 touchdowns in 4 games since taking over the top spot in the backfield. He’s also on pace to add 51 receptions this year with Mark (check down) Sanchez at the controls. Tomlinson for 4 straight games has had 15 carries or more and with the Jets heading into the weak part of their schedule expect this guy to get lots of fourth quarter touches when they have the lead. If I don’t have him I want him now is the time to BUY before whoever does own him realizes how good he really is!

Philip Rivers

I am buying into what the Chargers are selling on this guy! He is on his way to years of fantasy stardom. Every year this guy develops more and more into an NFL star as this year he’s already over 2000 yards and is projected this season to throw for 5355 yards with 32 touchdowns to 13 interceptions. At 28 he is entering the prime of his career and is a MUST HAVE in any keeper league. If you can get him do it……DO IT NOW!!!!!!

Ahmad Bradshaw

He has not only pulled himself out of the Brandon Jacobs shadow but is proving to be a dominant player. On a team that has struggled to run the ball since its Super Bowl victory, Bradshaw has grabbed the bull by the horns and is running extremely well. Although it looks like Jacobs may vulture some red zone touches I’m still buying on the 5”9 198-pound running back. He is averaging right around 17 carries a game and is projected to end the season with 1552-yards and 8 tugs. This friend are great numbers that fantasy freaks like you and I love to see! He also has 14 catches, which isn’t great, but it’s a nice add in to a guy who’s been a stud on the ground this year. If you got him…..START him, no matter the matchup, if you can acquire him do so!

Honorable Mention: I’m also buying on the Jets Braylon Edwards, four tugs in his last five games, enough said.


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