Sports Break with Darryl Conrad (October 25, 2010)

Sports fans without the frills and gimmicks of some other sports news programs lets jump right into it this week. I am Darryl Conrad and this is your sports break.

The NFL trade deadline came and went on Tuesday last week without any fireworks. The only trade coming at the deadline saw Chiefs DE Alex Magee traded to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers for an undisclosed draft pick. If you are asking yourself who is Alex Magee, you are not alone, as both the Chiefs and Bucs are still trying to figure that out.

The real news of the week came from the fines that were handed out over the week. The players fined were Patriots S Brandon Meriweather, 50,000 for a hit on Todd Heap, Falcons CB Dunta Robinson, who was fined 50,000 on a play were he knocked himself out on DeSean Jackson, and James Harrison, who briefly considered retirement before coach Mike Tomlin let him stay up an extra hour after his bed time, after being fined 75,000 for hits delivered to Mohammed Massaquoi. I am not given enough time on this show to go into much detail, but this issue will continue to be in the news over the upcoming weeks.

Chargers holdout WR Vincent Jackson will report this week to the Chargers and serve his suspension before officially rejoining the team. This could be big news for a team that is slumping and could use all hands on deck if they are going to be making a playoff run. In a division that is currently being led by the Chiefs there is no reason, besides Norv Turner, that the Chargers cannot jump back into contention.

The College Football Polls split this week with Oklahoma and Oregon occupying the tops spots. This only confirms what we were all thinking; Boise State would only get into a National Championship game through an act of god. I am assuming the 26 people that live in Boise, Idaho are cursing that damn BCS computer, too bad no one is listening.

The NBA Season is about to kick off and again LeBron James and the Miami Heat have jumped into the news. LeBron has come out and made public tweets and messages that he has been sent by angry and disappointed fans. I am not allowed to repeat some of the things that were said to LeBron, but people are reacting to this like they were dumped by their high school girlfriend. I think that LeBron should almost turn this entire story into a day time soap, at least then my grandmother and I could talk sports.

The World Series is set to begin this week, and again the 6 of us that like baseball rejoice, the rest of you can continue to watch hockey that does not matter. The World Series will feature the Texas Rangers, who are making their first appearance in team history, against the San Francisco Giants, who have not won since they moved to San Francisco. The series should feature some incredible pitching as both teams feature shut down aces in Cliff Lee, Texas, and Tim Lincecum, San Francisco, and young pitching staffs behind them.

Comeback next week as the basement dwellers news team continues to stock team personal, look through garbage and attempts to intercept Brett Favre’s text messages to bring you the inside news from the sports world.


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