Take 5…Randy Moss, World Series, Golden Bears Win, Lagarrette Blount, Grey Cup Predictions

Here on Take 5… we’re going to give you a quick run down on the 5 most interesting sports stories (according to us) of the previous week along with our takes on each story.

What is the fantasy impact of Randy Moss heading to Tennessee?

Henry: Any time a talent like Chris Johnson gets more space, and that is exactly what Moss will provide, he is going to increase his production.  Randy Moss, depsite being a “slouch” as some would call him, demands a double team.  The Titans will realize this, gameplan for it, and execute to perfection as they walk into the playoffs.

Which Randy Moss will show up in Tennessee? (Photo Courtesy: nflpassers.com)

Dallas: None.  I’m sick of everyone telling me Chris Johnson will have more space.  Chris Johnson can break big runs.  To do so, he needs good down-the-field blocking in the second and third levels.  Yeah, when I think of Randy Moss, I think of a good down-the-field blocker.

Singer: Some people would say that Randy blocks by simply running two guys off and letting Chris deal with them 35 yards into his run. If he can’t beat a db that late, it’s his own problem. he can, so no problems.

Karhut: Randy was double teamed 27 out of 31 pass plays in his last game. That kind of focus opens up the field for every other Titan and gives Young a player to sling deep balls to for the first time in his career.

San Francisco Giants win the World Series! Was it great for baseball or would it have been better if it was the Yankees and Phillies?

Dallas: It was fine for baseball.  In the year of the pitcher, guess what?  A team with one of the best rotations won.  The entire off-season was filled with great pitching and for the first time in awhile, people forgot about steroids…until Barry Bonds starting showing up at Giant’s games!

Tim Lincecum and the San Francisco Giants celebrated their first World Series win since 1954 (Photo Courtesy: CBS News)

Singer: Is that really what you want for the championship of your league? for it just to be fine? Get the yankees in that series and at least someone will be watching Lincecum dominate.

Karhut: The best two teams in baseball squared off in a great series! Wonder how Yankees GM Cashman feels about being outbid at the trade deadline for Cliff Lee by a team funded by the league……sounds like poetic justice for the New York Hasbeens…..I mean Yankees

Henry: Ryan, your contribution speaks volumes.  You say it was a great World Series and yet you wonder how the Yankees feel and take a shot at them.  If it was a great Series, we wouldn’t be mentioning the Yankees or Phillies.  It was an uninspired series for a lifeless league.  It didn’t help to build the brand that is MLB, it will be forgotten quickly, and will be used as just another example to demonstrate why baseball continues to be a dying sport in terms of successful business leagues.  Seriously, the NFL Monday Nighter got more viewership than the culmination of baseballs season.

Golden Bears upset the Saskatchewan Huskies in CIS football action. Down 30-3 with 3:50 left in the third, they stormed back to win. How epic was this upset?

Singer: Epic. Playoffs are so much better with an underdog and College sports never fails to produce

The Golden Bears knocked of the Saskatchewan Huskies in the opening weekend of CIS football playoffs (Photo Courtesy: The Star Phoenix)

Karhut: Congrats to their players and staff, they rolled into the enemies backyard and stole it from them. MAN I LOVE COLLEGE SPORTS!!!! Shout out to Jeff Stead, Vanier Cup Champion coach in 2007 with the Bisons, who is now the Bears offensive co-ordinator.

Henry: Epic seems a tad too heroic for my liking.  It was a great performance by a very good team against another very good squad.  Comebacks like this always scream great coaching to me so I’m on board with the shout out, but how about a shout our to the defensive co-ordinator?

Dallas: Good for the Bears I just hope they can continue the run.  Cinderellas are nice if they can avoid their old selves and continue to play at a high level.  At this stage in the season I want to see the best teams go head to head.  There should be no gimme matches from here on out.

LaGarrette Blount makes an impact with a huge game plus he hurdled a dude. After being projected as a first round pick a year ago (prior to being suspended for punching a Boise State player after a game) he went undrafted, was then cut by the Titans, and is now putting together a strong season in Tampa. So is this guy for real or a flash in the pan?

Karhut: I love this guy! Physical freak at 6’ 241 lbs this guy is a strong, hard-nosed runner that has a bright future ahead of him……if he stays out of trouble…….IF!

Henry: I’m not sold on this guy.  He’s only had two games so far where I would’ve wanted him in my lineup.  Tampa Bay has not been better than 15th in team rushing in the past 3years.  They are currently 21st with Blount getting some starts.  He may be a great player, but we won’t know until some changes happen on the Bucs O-line.

Dallas: Ryan, a player that’s gotten into trouble before is far less likely to get into more trouble…do I have that right?

CFL Playoff predictions: Who’s going to play in the Grey Cup and who will win?

Henry: Montreal will square off against Calgary and the Alouettes will win another.

Dallas: Bold prediction Henry, way to go out on a limb.  I’m going with Hamilton vs. Calgary.
Sidenote:  I want to call the first upset right now as the Saskatchewan Roughriders will lose in the first round at home against BC.  You heard it here first.

Singer: Montreal Wins. The did just fine out west last year, they do it again.

The Als celebrate after their Grey Cup win in 2009 (Photo Courtesy: Als Inside/Out)

Karhut: Calgary vs Montreal but as always Montreal struggles on defense when they head past Manitoba this year. In their 5 games out west this year they give up an average of 34 points per game whilst only scoring 26 and they sported a 2-3 record. My money is on the Stamps!!!!

Henry: I want another shot at bold Dallas!  We also heard it from him first that the Eskimo’s were going to “find” their way into the playoffs and the finals.  The question was predictions, not bold predictions.  I went with the highest percentage for success!


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