Interview with Andrew Tinnish, Director of Amateur Scouting with the Toronto Blue Jays

Andrew Tinnish, director of amateur scouting for the Toronto Blue Jays, talks to us about the path young Canadian ball players take to get to the Major Leagues (Canadians in the MLB, originally aired November 15, 2010). Catch the entire interview below:

—Ryan asked Tinnish what are the undesirable qualities he often sees in young ball players. “Guys that don’t compete,” Tinnish said. “It’s a long season, if you can’t compete mentally, it really doesn’t matter how physically gifted you are. You’re not going to succeed.”

—Ryan asked what path most Canadian kids take from high school ball to the MLB. “More often than not, the best Canadian players, they play for these eliteclubs. They’ll get drafted out of high school and develop their games in pro ball,” Tinnish said. “Guys like Justin Morneau and Joey Votto, who are both MVP candidates, went this route.”

—Ryan asked what advice Tinnish could offer to up and coming Canadian ball players. “If you go out and you work hard to be the best player you can possibly be, that’s all that I would ask for as a scout or a coach,” Tinnish said.


One response to “Interview with Andrew Tinnish, Director of Amateur Scouting with the Toronto Blue Jays

  1. Dear Dude,Firstly I’d like to thank you for these videos. I apeprciate them and I think that you rock.There is just this little thing that irritates me a lot, and it is that you do not know what a strike is. A strike in baseball results when a batter swings at and misses a pitch, doesn’t swing at a pitch in the strike zone or hits a foul ball that is not caught. So, please watch out for that.Oh, and there is no defense/offense on baseball.Please watch out for those. Zack Nelson rocks!

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