Take 5…Michael Vick, Greg Oden, the Sutters, AL Cy Young, Manning v. Brady

Here on Take 5… we’re going to give you a quick run down on the 5 most interesting sports stories (according to us) of the previous week along with our takes on each story.

Michael Vick had an amazing performance in leading the Philadelphia Eagles over the Washington Redskins in a route on Monday Night Football.  Should the Eagles sign Vick to an extension after giving backup quarterback Kevin Kolb a pretty handsome extension in the off-season?

Singer: The problem with the Eagles hitching their wagon to Vick is simple. Vick is a good quarterback that plays an exciting but dangerous style. The older you get, the harder it is to take the resulting punishment. Vick, 30, already missed some time this year. Do you really want to let Kolb walk and roll those dice every week?

Michael Vick is putting up MVP caliber numbers this season

Henry:  There is a difference between need and should.  I don’t believe they need to because I believe they could start Kolb and he could be their starter for the next 12 years.  Vick provides so much more excitement and buzz for the Eagles that I think they should sign him to an extension.  He is special talent and has a unique past that is ripe for merchandising and commentary in all circles, including this one apparently .
Dallas:  Vick is playing at an MVP caliber level right now.  More importantly, Vick appears humbled after his time in prison.  He seems like a much better person with a much better attitude.  Of course you sign him long term…at least once you get rid of Kevin Kolb.
Ryan: Kolb isn’t an issue there are about 12 teams in the NFL right now that would give up a 2nd or 3rd round pick for him. Vick is 30-years old and has two fast, young receivers that suit his style perfectly and a head coach who not only believes in him but runs a system he’s built for. Not only should the Eagles offer him an extension but Vick should want to sign an extension with the Eagles.

The 2007 first overall pick in the NBA draft, Greg Oden, is done for the year...again!

Greg Oden, center for the NBA’s Portland Trail Blazers, is out for the season due to injury…again!  Since being drafted first overall in the 2007 NBA draft, Oden will have played a total of 82 games through the end of the 2010/2011 season (3 seasons worth).  Is it time to give this guy the BUST label?

Dallas: I wouldn’t call him a bust yet.  This story is very similar to that of Grant Hill.  The Detroit Pistons medical staff all but wrote off Grant Hill’s playing career.  Hill later signed with the Phoenix Suns, where the Suns staff fixed him right up.  Oden needs a change of scenery.
Ryan: He’s a bust plain and simple. Professional athletes control every aspect of their own lives, obviously what he’s doing isn’t working. The last no.1 pick to not get an extension on their rookie contract was Kwame Brown…..he’s still in the league but he’s a bust. Oden will never be much and the fact that the no.2 (Kevin Durant) from that draft is so good, Oden = BUST!
Singer: Even if he “Grant Hills” his career, he will still be a bust because he won’t be doing it in Portland.
Henry: Of course you give this guy a bust label.  He’s not quite Ryan Leaf bust material, but he is a bust none the less.  A bust called by any other name is still a bust.  Now that’s writing!

Calgary Flames GM Darryl Sutter pulled the trigger on a 4-player trade with the Carolina Hurricanes.  One of the players traded from the Flames is Brett Sutter, Darryl Sutter’s son!  Does Darryl have some explaining to do to Mom?

Singer: Darryl owes his son nothing and so has to explain nothing. Not that he could explain how to be an NHL GM even if he wanted to.

Brett Sutter's stint with the Calgary Flames probably did not last nearly as long as his family was hoping

Henry: I’ll bite.  Hey Mom, your grandson probably doesn’t belong in the league because of his anger issues.  At least your friends down in Arizona will have something else to complain about now.
Dallas: He has nothing to explain to Mom because Brett probably got that kind of behavior from his Mom’s side of the family, at least that’s what I would tell her.  And Henry, these aren’t anger issues, this is merely an incident.  I’m not excusing him but he’ll grow up.
Ryan: Not at all.  He sent him far away but he’s joining his cousin Brandon Sutter in Carolina! It’s a family reunion on a non-disfunctional team. Darryl is just hoping that he helps out the Hurricanes enough so they’ll consider hiring him after the Flames fire him.

Felix Hernandez won the Cy Young award in the American League.  Although Hernandez led the American League statistically in most pitching categories, his 13 wins are the fewest of any previous Cy Young award winner.  How much emphasis should the voters put on wins?

Henry: Slim to none.  Its not Hernandez’s fault that his team stinks.  He led the league in ERA, he finished 5th in WHIP, and I’m pretty sure his FIP was off the charts.  That’s the stat I don’t understand but all the cool kids are quoting these days.  If he were a Philly, he would have 21 wins as well.
Dallas: They should place a lot of value on wins.  The problem is that baseball people are so stat-crazy that their minds get overloaded with these new stat categories that they forget about the most important stat:  wins.
Ryan: Barely any value should go into wins! Felix had the lowest scoring team in the MLB backing him and he still won 13 games! In ten of his starts the Mariners scored 1 run or less. Led the MLB in ERA and innings pitch and was one strikeout off the AL leader. If this guy was a Yankee he would’ve won 27 games.
Singer: Please call me when you win the world series with stats. Until then, wins are still king. Your best pitcher had 13? That sucks (the Mariners did really, really suck).

Tom Brady and Peyton Manning renewed their rivalry in last weeks NFL action

Sunday’s NFL action will include the Indianapolis Colts travelling to New England to take on the Patriots in a classic Manning vs Brady match-up. If you are an NFL team owner, which quarterback would you rather have on your team?

Ryan: Tom Brady is the Golden Boy. He fell into a great situation at a great time and made the most of it. Peyton went to a perennial loser in the Colts and they slowly built the team around him. Manning has never had a truly great team but he has the ability to make good players great. I take Manning!
Singer: Manning, no question. It seems like every year a new stud emerges in Indy. Really, its just the fact that Manning can take a practice roster guy and make him look like a Pro Bowler.
Henry: I want Peyton Manning on my team.  He makes offensive coaches irrelevant and defensive ones better.  He controls every game he is in and makes winning a matter of routine.  His work off the field is inspiring to fans and teammates alike.  He will be the greatest QB of all time.
Dallas: Henry, you’re absolutely right, Manning does control every game he is in. For example, last year’s Super Bowl, he threw that pick that went back to the house in the fourth quarter and sealed a Saints victory.  Brady has more Super Bowls, I’ll take Brady.


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