Take 5…2010 Grey Cup, Minnesota Vikings, Joey Votto, Vince Young, MLS Championship, Mike Williams, Derek Jeter

Here on Take 5… we’re going to give you a quick run down on the 5 most interesting sports stories (according to us) of the previous week along with our takes on each story.

Grey Cup predictions!   The Montreal Alouettes and the Saskatchewan Roughriders will face off in 98th Grey Cup in Edmonton.  Who you got taking home the hardware?

The Saskatchewan Roughriders will battle the Montreal Alouettes in the 98th Grey Cup in Edmonton

Dallas: I’ll take the Riders.  Montreal continuously has problems when they travel out west, a point Ryan shares with me every time we talk Als football.  The Riders have a chance to make up for last year and they’re not even going to have to play their best game to do it.
Ryan: I’m taking the Riders, they avenge last years disappointing loss in a big way and beat a much better team in the Alouettes as they once again squeeze the ball to tight in a big game.
Henry: Calvillo looked in fine form against the Argo’s last weekend, he should be able to continue.  Even if the Riders can stop the pass, the Als have Cobourne back to pick up any loose slack.  I expect the Als to win another close one this weekend.
Singer: Alouettes Win. 35-28.

The circus in Minnesota continues as the Vikings fired head coach Brad Childress this past week.  One clown is gone, how long until the other clown steps aside and allows Tavaris Jackson to take over his position at quarterback?

Ryan: By playing out the year Brett is not doing himself, nor the Vikings a favour. Take the pressure off Frazier and end the streak and the madness yourself Brett! No one wants to watch you under perform then see Frazier defend you  in the media because of what you did last year.
Henry: I don’t see Favre stepping down any time soon.  He’s the last person to realize that his time in the league is done.  Frazier, won’t bench him as he will do anything to lock up the Head Coaching gig.  If Favre and the Vikings start winning, it will be 1 more reason to hate them.
Singer: Favre is horrible but Jackson is even worse. At least this way teams have to pretend to respect the pass and AP still has a chance.
Dallas: The end of the season.  There is no way Favre is going to miss a game the rest of the season.  We all know how much this guy loves revenge.  He has an opportunity to make Childress look like an idiot and he’s not going to pass that up for anything.

Joey Votto of Toronto, Ontario was named MVP of the National League

The Cincinnati Red’s Joey Votto became just the third Canadian major leaguer to win an MVP award, joining Larry Walker and Justin Morneau.  Will this help to increase production of Canadian talent entering into and being successful in the MLB?

Henry: I have to believe that a big time win like this for a Canadian player will inspire some young players in Canada to become better and know that there is a way they can do it.  That path won’t be available to all, but hopefully this will make it easier to see.
Singer: Nope. Baseball is too far down the list for an MVP award to make Canadians care, let alone play. Ask Steve Nash
Dallas: Man, Canada produces some fine baseball players.  So long as there are absolutely no follow up questions as to how it will increase Canadian content in the MLB, I will say yes.
Ryan: I think this will inspire the baseball players of Canada but I don’t see how it could grow it at the grass roots level like when the Jays won the World Series. With Votto playing in Cincinnati who in Canada even saw this guy take a swing this year?

Are Vince Young's days with the Titans numbered?

After a Tennessee Titans overtime loss to the Washington Redskins, Titans quarterback Vince Young threw this shoulder pads and jersey into the stands in a tantrum.  In the dressing room, things between Young and Fisher heated up and Young told Fisher, “I’m not walking out on the team, I’m walking out on you!”  Are Young’s days numbered in Tennessee?

Singer: Fisher has done too much for the Titans to side with Vince. It just makes sense for them to choose the guy that is less likely to drive his car over a cliff after being called a really hurtfull name.
Dallas: I love the relationship between Fisher and Young.  Young calls in phony suicide attempts, he throws tantrums, heck, I’ll bet he’s even tried smoking behind the team trailer.  Parents with teenagers don’t have to deal with nearly as much drama as Fisher does.
Ryan: Zing! Take that Jeff Fisher you big meany! Realistically though Young is done for the year but he will be the starting quarterback for the Titans next year, the change will be Jeff Fisher coaching elsewhere. Not because of Young but because it is time for him to move on.
Henry: Young’s days are numbered in Tennessee.  He’s out for the year, he’s not allowed in the Titans facilities or team meetings, and it is going to cost the Titans around 12 mil for him next year.  Vikings example from this year notwithstanding, coaches generally win these petty battles.

The Colorado Rapids celebrate their 2010 MLS Championship

The MLS Championship game was played in Toronto this past week.  The Colorado Rapids won their first MLS title as they downed FC Dallas by a score of 2-1 in extratime.  Did you get everything you wanted out of the 2010 MLS season?

Ryan: Never followed MLS until Toronto got a team and I will get everything out of it I will ever need when they win the championship or even get over .500. WHY DO ALL OF TORONTO’S SPORTS TEAMS STINK?
Henry: Yes and no.  TV ratings actually decreased 12% this year on ESPN but I learned about Canadian soccer and its involvement in the MLS.  Having the Toronto FC and now the Vancouver Whitecaps in the league could do great things for out soccer development.
Singer: The MLS had another successful season of staying off most TV and out of the Highlights. For that, I thank you MLS.
Dallas: And more!  Actually, I must confess that I don’t follow the MLS like I used to.  When did Colorado get a team?

Should WR Mike Williams, of the Tampa Bay Bucanneers, have been allowed to play this past weekend despite being pulled over for a suspicion of DUI charge?

Henry: For the supposed DUI charge no, for swerving in and out of traffic and getting pulled over, yes.  Once in the NFL, players must recognize the responsibility they have to their fans and avoid situations like this.  I’m sure its a lot to expect of a 23 yr old who just got paid, but I do.
Singer: I would say that it is unfair to punish without conviction, but Williams already has a troubled history. Really, how long can the NFL wait to act?
Dallas: Unfortunately, I can’t argue that it’s fair to punish somebody if they haven’t been convicted so I agree with the NFL steering clear of this thing for now.   The team however, they should have handed out some punishment and who knows, maybe they did.
Ryan: The NFL never rules until the courts do. I’m just sick and tired of these young athletes thinking they shouldn’t have to conform to the laws of society. I wish the NFL would step up their punishments for off-field issues like the did for illegal hits on the field.

Will Derek Jeter be playing for the New York Yankees in 2011?

Derek Jeter, the long time New York Yankee captain, is a free agent for the first time in his career.  Unfortunately for Jeter, he’s coming off his worst statistical season of his career but he doesn’t believe that should affect his value. Jeter is insulted by the Yankee’s 3-year/$45 million contract offer and believes his contributions to the organization are worth closer to $120 million (over 6 years).  To make matters worse, negotiations have become very public and very nasty which has created a stalemate between the two sides.  Who should budge first, Jeter or the Yankees?

Singer: Who Cares! Pay him 30 Million a year if he wants. He sells jerseys and it’s not like you are gonna run into cap issues. Since when did money matter to the Yankees? If he sucks then buy him out and sign the next big stud that comes along.
Dallas: On a certain level, the Jeter needs the Yankees and the Yankees need Derek Jeter. If I were the Yankees, I would pay Jeter the money he wants on one condition:  he agrees to play the outfield or first base.
Ryan: Jeter has a market value around 3-years $21 million but the Yankees graciously offered 3-years/$45 million. Why hasn’t he signed yet? DELUSION IS RUNNING HIGH!
Henry: Jeter is not worth even 10 million in the open market as a player, but that is not how this is being handled.  He is viewed as Mr. Yankee, therefore compensate him as such.  Make him a partner, give him stock, keep him in your organization as a figurehead, but don’t overpay him!


4 responses to “Take 5…2010 Grey Cup, Minnesota Vikings, Joey Votto, Vince Young, MLS Championship, Mike Williams, Derek Jeter

  1. I think one factor that has been missed is that Jeter wants the same commitment from the Yankees that was given to Alex Rodriguez. A-Rod is signed with the Yanks until he is about 42 years old. Giving a 3 year contract to Jeter (when he turns 39) is insulting to him. Jeter feels, and rightfully so, that he has done much more for the Yankee orgnanzation than A-Rod. He helped them win 5 Championships (all but 1 without A-Rod). He has taken the Yanks to the postseason every year except 1 since he entered the league in 1996. Jeter has brought in infinite amount of revenue to New York and helped make them the elite team of the Major Leagues again. He has been a class act on and off the field in a time when you cannot go a week without hearing about an athlete getting a DUI or being invovled in a nightclub shooting. Seriously, the worst thing we have heard about Jeter is him faking getting hit by a pitch against the Tampa Bay Rays this past season. This guy is the model athlete for any professional sports team.

    Money is always an issue, but the bigger issue here is time commitment. Why should someone who just joined the Yankees in 2004 be shown more love than the cornerstone of the Yankees Dynasty of the last decade and a half? Even if Jeter’s skills deteriorate (which they will) when he turns 38, 39, etc. he wants the same amount of loyalty, if not more, than any other Yankee player.

    Another aspect to consider is that Jeter is less than a 100 hits away from 3,000. Do we honestly think that the Yankee brass are going to allow Jeter to reach this exlusive milestone in another uniform? Which brings me to my next point. Yankees GM Brian Cashman’s strategy during Jeter’s contract negotiations should be highly questioned. Jeter has always been the mellow, stay under the radar, kind of guy. So to say to the media that Jeter might want to test the free agent market and see what other offers he can get, is a true slap in the face to the Yankee great. If Cashman really feels that way, Jeter would have much more preferred to hear that behind closed doors. Hank and Hal Steinbrenner are not helping the cause either by stating that they have already paid enough to Jeter.

    Everything being said, there is no way Jeter is going anywhere. The Yanks need Jeter as much as Jeter needs the Yanks for both monetary and sentimental reasons. Staying with the New York Yankees for his entire career will only add to Derek Jeter’s legend because professional athletes rarely stay with one team their entire career. And no other team will be able to match the money Jeter gets from the Yanks. Keeping Derek Jeter will only add to the Yankees’ bank account through jersey sales, appearances, etc. Furthermore, the rest of America already hates the big corporate Yankees, so letting go a future Hall of Famer and a player that everyone admires, in this manner will only fuel the hatred towards New York.

    So Jeter stays a Yankee for life.

  2. Inder I wish your comment had been more mean spirited, instead of insightful so I could be a jerk and not care. But because I would like to see more comments and debating on the site, I will take the low road and call out your Jeter love.

    He stinks! Who cares how many championships he has won, how classy he is off the field, and how many hits away from 3000 he is? Yankee fans only! No one else, and definitely not the managerial branch of the team should care. This contract should be about what he’s done lately and what he will continue to do for the team for the duration of the contract. Considering the year he just had, where the Yankees didn’t win a championship, and he was a liability at the plate, he should be paid far less than the 3 year contract he was offered. If he blew out his arm and couldn’t field, would fans still argue that he should get a big contract to DH in his search for 3000?

    If the Yankees are hated in America because they are “big corporate”, then lets see them act objectively and cut ties with this ancient hack, to move in a new direction.

  3. Henry, you couldn’t be more out of line on your comment. First of all, everybody in baseball will be paying attention to 3,000 hits. A total of 27 ball players have 3,000 hits in the history of the major leagues! This is a very big deal and the Yankees are too smart to lose out on the additional marketing possibilities that come with that.

    I would agree to a point that teams should be only be concerned about the future in terms of wins but that only applies to teams working within normal pro sports budgets. The Yankees can pay somebody $25 million and they don’t necessarily need that player to produce the way other teams would require their star player to produce.

    The Yankees have made a lot of money over the years and it’s not necessarily because of all the championship titles. They’ve taken their brand to the next level and beyond. At this point, I would say the Yankees aren’t nearly as concerned with winning championships as you might think. Now, let me put that into some context. The Yankees desire to win championships is huge and even if it’s not their absolute top priority, they still care more about it than 95% of the ball teams out there. However, 100% of the Yankees focus is on making money and marketing the team. Derek Jeter is a key player in their marketing plan.

    I always say that teams use the money generated from hard core fans (the fans that watch every game and know all the stats) to break even. Where you make money is generating revenues from the casual fans (fans that tune in down the stretch and get into baseball when it’s the hot topic around the city). Although casual fans significantly outnumber the hardcore fans, casual fans have a much shorter attention span. The way to keep those people around is to have identifiable players and to have success on the field. For the casual fans of the Yankees, the most identifiable face of the franchise is Derek Jeter by a long shot, which means he still has significant value to the organization.

  4. Let me get this straight Dallas. Your point is that the benefit of cashing in on Jeter getting to 3000 hits far outweighs the the hindrance he will be at the plate? I don’t see Jay-Z or Dwight Freeney changing hats just because the Yankees drop a dead weight. I’m pretty sure a casual fan can identify with A-Rod, Texeira, or Rivera. Like parents should do with a spoiled rich kid, the Yankees should cut Jeter right off.

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