Take 5…Georges St.Pierre, Sidney Crosby, Leon Washington, Heisman Trophy, Boston Red Sox

Here on Take 5… we’re going to give you a quick run down on the 5 most interesting sports stories (according to us) of the previous week along with our takes on each story.

Is GSP greater than Gretzky?

UFC 124 is set to take place this Saturday (December 11) in Montreal where UFC Welterweight Champion Georges St. Pierre successfully defended his title over Josh Koscheck.  Leading up to the fight, UFC President Dana White said that St. Pierre is the most famous athlete to ever come out of Canada, even more famous than Wayne Gretzky.  Is Georges St. Pierre more famous than Wayne Gretzky?

Henry:  Great comparison Dana, what’s next; apples and oranges?  Gretzky hosted SNL at the height of his fame in ‘89 when the U.S.S.R. existed, the Berlin Wall fell, and Game Boy was released.  I’m sure that compares to 2010’s ubiquitous media and internet access.
Dallas:  Millions of people around the world know two things about hockey:  it’s played on ice and Wayne Gretzky.  White is dead wrong and he knows it.  White is also very smart and got everybody in Canada to talk about UFC this week.
Ryan:  Nope, who’s Wayne Gretzky’s father? Walter is correct. Now who’s George St. Pierre’s? Case and point!
Singer:  GSP is definitely more famous. Gretzky is bigger in canada but what about Brazil, Mexico, Japan, Saudi Arabia, England, ect. MMA has a huge international audience and its already bigger than hockey’s audience ever will be.

You are supposed to celebrate in the end zone, not at the 30

During last week’s NFL action, Leon Washington, punt returner for the Seattle Seahawks, returned a punt 84 yards but was tripped up on the one-yard line.  Check out the play here.   The Carolina Panthers’ punter, Jason Baker, made the shoe-lace tackle shortly after Washington started celebrating at the 30-yard line.  Was this the play of the year for the Panthers? Maybe the NFL?

Ryan:  Best play of the year by far! Punters usually look like they dislocate every joint in their body trying to tackle returners. Not only did this guy make the tackle but he chased down a guy who just show-boated on the 30-yard line.
Henry:  It will be the play of the year for the Panthers in what is definitely a season to forget for them. It’s nothing for the NFL though, has everyone already forgotten Vicks Washington performance?  His 100,000 plus MVP votes would say otherwise.
Singer:  At least there is some proof that somebody in Carolina cares. Unfortunately, he’s only on the field 6 times a game.
Dallas:  It was a neat play to watch.  Seattle went on to route Carolina by a score of 31-14, so I would have a tough time calling it the play of the game, let alone the play of the year.  Maybe if it was set to the right music…

Tampa Bay Lightning forward Steven Stamkos, who was off to an incredible start in the NHL season and was on pace to score 50 goals in 50 games, has not scored a goal in his last 6 games.  Meanwhile, Pittsburgh Penguin superstar Sidney Crosby has taken over the headlines with an 18-game point streak during which he’s tallied 36 points. Has Sidney reclaimed top spot as the best player in the NHL?

Henry: Sid-the-Young-Adult may have recently reclaimed the front page headlines but he never lost his spot as the best player in the NHL. Wasn’t he supposed to just be a setup man by the way?
Singer: Where is Alex Ovechkin? It’s way more fun when the scoring race has a hint of Cold War.
Dallas:  During Crosby’s 5 NHL seasons, he has won a Stanley Cup, scored the game-winning goal in the Gold medal game at the Olympics, and won several major awards.  Did Crosby ever lose the title of best player in the NHL?
Ryan: Stamkos was never the best but he sure tried to make people think he was. However, all he really accomplished was he made Canada feel great about our chances at the 2014 Olympics.

The Red Socks are making waves in free agency

The Boston Red Sox inked one of this years top free agents, Carl Crawford, to a 7-year $142 million dollar deal. This move came just two days after trading for former gold glove winner and all-star Adrian Gonzalez. The Red Sox are reportedly close to signing Gonzalez to his own 7-year deal estimated to be worth $154 million. The Red Sox had a disappointing year last season as they missed the playoffs. However, do these two additions make the Red Sox next seasons favorite to win the World Series?

Singer: The Yankees are the favourite to win the world series every year.
Congratulations Boston, you just encouraged the most boring spending race in sports.
Dallas:  Which player benefits the most?  Not Carl Crawford.  Not Adrian Gonzalez.  The answer is Cliff Lee, arguably the best pitcher in the Majors and this off-season’s top free agent.  Add one more year and another $22 million to Lee’s upcoming deal.
Ryan: These two great ball players are now added to the middle of an already strong lineup with solid pitching. They may not be the favorites but the Yankees now HAVE to sign Cliff Lee.
Henry:  Learn how to answer the question Dallas!  They’re not the favorite now to win the World Series but this is a great addition to a team that used to value HR’s only. More stolen bases, better on base %, and strong defense are among the things Crawford brings to the Sox
Dallas:  Oops, take 2.  Let’s start with the playoffs because it’s way too early to talk about World Series favourites.  Boston had a good season last year in a tough division and Tampa Bay is dismantling their team. Boston would have been playoff bound regardless of these signings.

Cameron Newton overcame the SEC and allegations to take home college footballs top prize

The Heisman Trophy will be awarded on Monday to the top NCAA football player of the year.  Nominated for the award are Cam Newton (quarterback, Auburn), Andrew Luck (quarterback, Stanford), LaMichael James (running back, Oregon), and Kellen Moore (quarterback, Boise State).  Who do you like to win the award?

Dallas:  Cam Newton will win but the more I here about his recent past in high school and Florida, the more this award loses it’s charm.  NCAA football has some major issues to deal with from recruiting practices all the way to the BCS system.
Ryan: They all had great years but Newton was special. Newton threw for 2,589 yards with 28 TD’s and only 6 INT. He then added 1,409 yards on the ground and 20, yes 20 TD’s. Oh for good measure he caught one too! Also he played in the SEC!
Henry: I likes me some Cam Newton for this award. The Heisman is all about the best year by a college player in good standing. He led the nation in pass yards and the SEC in rushing yards. He’s had the best year by far.
Singer: Im saying LaMichael James so that in 4 years when Cam Newton and his dad get Reggie Bushed, i can so I told you so.

Update:  Cam Newton won the Heisman Trophy by a large margin.  Andrew Luck was the runner-up.


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