Take 5…NFL in LA, Cliff Lee, NBA Winning Streaks, Price Is Right, and More NY Jets Trouble

Here on Take 5… we’re going to give you a quick run down on the 5 most interesting sports stories (according to us) of the previous week along with our takes on each story.

A group led by Magic Johnson and AEG has proposed the development of a new football stadium in downtown Los Angeles in the hopes of luring an NFL team to their city.  Assuming the NFL is not interested in expansion, which team is most likely to move to Los Angeles?

Ryan: The easy answer is the Jacksonville Jaguars will soon be headed to LALA land as the team has struggled to get fans in the seats the past few seasons. However, I wouldn’t be surprised to see the Minnesota Vikings jump ship and head west!
Dallas:  I think you have to take a look at teams that are having problems. There are a few teams with attendance issues, the San Diego Chargers are reportedly having lease-issues, but the leader has to be the Vikings. Their stadium has a huge hole in it!
Henry:  I don’t think anyone will be surprised when Zygi Wilf moves the Minnesota Vikings to L.A.  He has wanted a new stadium for years and now that the Metrodome has cost him 2 home games this year, it will be all the push he needs.

Boston, Miami, San Antonio, and Chicago are all showing that they are the NBA’s elite teams this season.  With dominating performances and recent win streaks from all four of these teams, do we have this seasons NBA champion in this group?

Singer: Unless LA changed their name to Chicago, the champ is not in this group. Kobe and friends are still the team to beat this year.
Dallas:  Of those four teams listed, three are from the Eastern Conference, which makes it difficult for the Heat. The best teams in the NBA play good defence and have a good inside presence for rebounding. Neither of those even come close to describing the Miami Heat.
Henry:  Let me be the fashionable first to get on this Miami teams bandwagon. No one saw these guys coming and now they are taking the NBA by storm. I predict multiple championships for this talented group.
Ryan:  We do have this years champion in this group in the Boston Celtics. Their ‘Big 3’ look terrific but even more terrifying for opponents is that Rajon Rondo has been their best player this year.
Dallas:  “Let me be the…first to get on this Miami…bangwagon”, “No one saw these guys coming”!?  Henry, what are you doing in the summer time that you can’t follow the NBA off-season!

Baseball’s prize free agent, pitcher Cliff Lee, shocked everyone this week by signing a 5 year-$120 million deal with the his former team, the Philadelphia Phillies, even though the Yankees were reportedly offering an extra $30 million and two more years. Why would Cliff Lee, who is 32 years old, take less years and less money to sign with Philadelphia?

Dallas: I like Lee’s approach here, why make life stressful for yourself? He goes to Philly where he’ll be a #2 in a stacked rotation. Even with the over-bearing fans in Philadelphia, it’s going to be a stress-free season in 2011 for Cliff Lee.
Henry:  The clear cut answer is that he has let all the hype go to his head and he now feels invincible. He feels that in 3 years he will re-negotiate a new contract that will see him rich until he is way past his prime. He’s coined it the Jeter strategy.
Ryan: His son, who is currently in the remission stage from lukemia, will once again live near the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, which is the top rated children’s hospital in the United States. This is not one big coincidence.
Singer: Is it possible that a star athlete has finally decided that $120 million is enough? I mean at that amount will he really miss the extra $30 million? I don’t think so. And by playing in Philadelphia, his wife wont get spit on.

Sidney Crosby and Alex Ovechkin are going to appear on the Price Is Right this week to help give away trips to the 2011 Winter Classic in Pittsburgh between the Pens and the Caps.  Who would be a better Barker Beauty:  Crosby or Ovechkin?

Henry:  If we’re talking straight looks?  Crosby is the beauty.  If we going on personalities, which I’m often told I should consider, then its Ovechkin.
Ryan: Crosby hands down. I was fortunate to have the chance to work out with Crosby during the 2009 All-Star game in Montreal. His legs are ridiculous in size and, needless to say, I’m a legs man!
Singer: I maintain that Crosby will be a lipstick model when hockey is done with him. You can’t buy lips like that!
Dallas:  I’ve never found missing teeth to be as attractive as other people so I would have to say Crosby would make the better Barker Beauty.  Crosby’s so pretty, you just want to pet him.

The New York Jets strength and conditioning coach, Sal Alosi, tripped Miami cornerback Nolan Carroll as he was running near the sideline on a punt return during last Sunday’s Jets-Dolphins game. Alosi was suspended without pay the rest of the year and fined $25,000. A few days later, he was suspended indefinitely after the team found Alosi had instructed players to stand tightly in line to deter players from acting as gunners and using the sidelines for space to beat their opponent on punts. Did the punishment fit the crime?

Ryan: You can’t tell me Rex Ryan, who denies having anything to do with this, wouldn’t have fired Alosi on the spot for such a classless act. Alosi got suspended for 7 weeks only by the Jets because they knew Alosi was merely carrying out Ryan’s instructions.
Dallas:  Although Sal is “suspended”, I have a feeling the paychecks will continue to roll in.  Of course this thing was planned; however, those who believe Rex Ryan had nothing to do with it are crazy.  Rex gets a free pass here and all it cost was another man’s livelihood.  Shameless.
Henry:  It does, now that we know this was a pre-meditated effort.  The punishment isn’t for the momentary lapse in judgement, its for the conscious effort of devising a plan to impact the game on the field from the sidelines.  This may happen all over the league, but he is the one who got caught.


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