Interview with Michael St.Croix, Edmonton Oil Kings

Winnipeg’s own Michael St.Croix of the Edmonton Oil Kings (WHL) joined us on the show (Road to the World Junior Tournament, air date: January 10, 2011) to discuss the process of playing for Team Canada at the U-17 and U-20 Tournaments. St.Croix is one of the brightest young stars in the WHL and his name is showing up on all sorts of prospects lists for the 2011 NHL Draft in Minnesota. St. Croix is also hopeful that when it comes time to put together the team for next year’s World Junior Tournament in Alberta, his name will be on the short list. Catch the entire interview right here:

Ryan asked what it was like to play to Team Canada West at the World U-17 Hockey Championships. “They were amazing experiences. I mean, anytime you get to wear the Canadian flag on your jersey it’s a dream come true,” said St.Croix. “It’s something you thought about ever since you were a little kid.”

Michael St.Croix currently leads the WHL's Edmonton Oil Kings in scoring

Ryan asked if it was a goal for St.Croix to play at the 2011 World Junior Hockey Tournament in Edmonton/Calgary. “Yeah, it would be a dream come true but it’s a long ways away. It’s a lot of hard work and determination that would potentially lead me there,” said St.Croix. “But at the same time it’s an amazing team and Team Canada, there are very few that are able to crack that roster.”

Ryan talked about the 2011 NHL Draft in Minnesota and asked how nice would it be to play hockey in a city without snow. “It would be pretty amazing,” said St. Croix, “Here in Edmonton it’s pretty cold just like Winnipeg. If it didn’t snow, it would definitely be pretty nice.”

Ryan mentioned that Michael’s father, Rick St.Croix, was a goalie and coach in the NHL. Ryan asked if there was a piece of advice his father gave him and he never took it. “Probably to be a goaltender,” said St.Croix, “I don’t want to be that kind of weird guy.” “He didn’t force me to be a goaltender but he definitely let me know that the option was there. But I decided to be a forward and I’m happy I did that.”

Ryan asked what the single best piece of advice was that his dad ever gave him. “Just play the game that you love,” said St.Croix, “and if you love it, you’re going to be as good as you possibly can.”


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