Interview with Brayden Schenn, 2010 first round pick of the LA Kings

Brayden Schenn, fifth overall draft pick of the LA Kings in 2010, joined us on the show to discuss what an athlete does outside of the arena. Schenn has a long list of hockey accomplishments which includes two silver medals with Team Canada at the World Junior Hockey Championships in 2010 and 2011. In fact, in the2011 IIHF World Junior Hockey  Championships in Buffalo, NY, Schenn recorded 19 points and was named tournament MVP. Schenn has played for a number of teams in the 2010/11 season including the LA Kings (NHL), Manchester Monarchs (AHL), Brandon Wheat Kings (WHL), Team Canada (U-20 World Hockey Championships in Buffalo), and the Saskatoon Blades (WHL). Catch the entire interview in the media player below:

Ryan started by asking if it’s difficult to focus on hockey when a player is constantly moving to a new city and changing teams. “You just try to keep your focus as best as you can,” said Schenn, “obviously, you just gotta worry about the task at hand.” “For me, yeah, I’ve been all over since September 8 but it’s good to be home now.”

Brayden Schenn recorded 19 points at the 2011 IIHF World Junior Hockey Championship and was named tournament MVP

Ryan mentioned that will all of the moving around in such a short period, it might be tough to remember one’s postal code. “You always use the home one and that’ s it,” said Schenn.

Ryan asked what the biggest difference is in the pro game compared to the WHL. “I think the defensive zone play,” said Schenn. “The positioning and just the little things like having a good stick and not getting beat off the wall.”

Ryan asked if playing against pros gave him a big advantage going into the World Junior Tournament. “I learned a lot there but I wasn’t playing a whole lot,” said Schenn. “From a learning stand point it was a big advantage but from a playing stand point it wasn’t. I had to get back into game shape and get back to playing a lot of minutes…so there were advantages and disadvantages.”

Ryan asked what a typical day in the NHL was like. “For me, I would wake up at about 8:00 (AM), go to the rink for practice, workout, and you’re pretty much done your day by 12:30 (PM) and you have the rest of the day to do whatever you want,” said Schenn.

Ryan then asked how that differs from a typical day in the WHL. “In the WHL, obviously you got guys in school so you gotta wait around to practice,” said Schenn. “A WHL day, probably check in at 10:00 (AM), kind of wait around, workout, just hang out with the guys, practice at 2:30 (PM), then you’re done your day at about 5:00 (PM).”

Ryan asked if Schenn had more free time in the WHL or the NHL. “I think a lot more in the NHL just because your done your day by about 12:30 (PM),” said Schenn. “I didn’t have a lot to do so I guess you go to the beach, pretty much do whatever you want from 12:30 PM on if you aren’t playing that day.”

Ryan asked if Brayden saw the Toronto Maple Leafs, who his brother Luke plays for, beat the LA Kings and if look gets any bragging rights because of the win. “I don’t think so,” said Schenn, “I wasn’t playing in the game so I guess he can brag all he wants but I wasn’t there to do anything about it.”


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