Take 5 … BCS Championships, Carmelo Anthony, Brad Childress, Ron Wilson, and the Chiefs!

Here on Take 5… we’re going to give you a quick run down on the 5 most interesting sports stories (according to us) of the previous week along with our takes on each story.

With last monday night’s BCS Championship being won by Auburn University, who plays in the South Eastern Conference (SEC), the SEC has now won 5 straight BCS Championships.  Is it safe to say they are the greatest conference in all of NCAA football?

Dallas: It’s hard to argue when I honestly believe that two other teams in the SEC, Alabama and LSU, could have beaten Oregon. Okay, LSU is a bit of a stretch but you can’t underestimate Les Miles’ ability to accidentally win games.

Henry: Objectively?  Sure.  But I ask you, who really cares about “statistics” and “evidence” anymore anyway?  If the US can have a Kenyan born President, why can’t I cling to the belief that my Oregon Ducks and the Pac 10 are the best conference?

Ryan: You know what they say “winners win” and how can you possibly argue with anyone who’s won 5 straight national championships?

Haters of Bowl Championship Series unite!  The regular season of NCAA football ended on December 2, 2010.  The BCS Championship game was played almost 6 weeks later on January 10, 2011.  Should the Championship game be played in January, so long after the end of the regular season?

Ryan: The 35 day layoff for the national championship is ridiculous! The problem is that there are so many bowl games, if they make the finals earlier it condenses all the bowls and they start to overlap. That would mean each bowl gets less publicity and TV ratings. So it won’t happen.

Dallas: I heard this comment during the week and I completely agree with it: college football should not, and can’t, compete against the wildcard weekend of the NFL playoffs.

Henry:  If this were a league full of professionals, which I’m sure some would argue it is, then no the game shouldn’t be played in January, it should be in December.  However, last time I checked, these are still students who need to try and fit school work, midterms, and finals in around their football schedule.

Last week when the Chiefs were beaten by the Baltimore Ravens, an apparent feud between the Chiefs Offensive Co-ordinator, Charlie Weis, and Head Coach, Todd Haley reached a boiling point when Haley took the play-calling away from Weis at halftime.  The feud was in regards to Weis signing a deal with the Florida Gators prior to the game. At halftime the Ravens only held a three point lead. The Chiefs finished the game with 18 minutes time of possession and 161 net yards. Should coaches be allowed to sign with another organization during the season?

Henry: Yes they should be allowed, but we don’t have to like it.  If I were in Haley’s position, I would also think Weis was mailing it in for the most important game of my season.  I’d love to have faith in people in these situations, but I don’t.  Haley should’ve taken the play-calling away before the game.

Ryan: Coaches shouldn’t be allowed to interview for new positions whilst they are coaching a playoff run. It just seems like a bad idea to have a guy thinking about next year when he’s coaching your team in the playoffs.

Dallas: Coaches should be allowed to sign with teams while coaching another for this simple reason:  no coach would ever consider doing this! I can’t believe Haley let Weis near the stadium after his announcement.

The Carmelo Anthony trade rumors, which have been dubbed the “Melodrama”, heated up this week. Anthony, who is arguably one of the NBA’s elite players, has had his name mentioned as part of a possible 15 player trade that includes multiple teams. The Nuggets have told the Nets to be quiet about it or they will just ship Melo to the Knicks. If you’re the Nets, how serious do you take these threats from the Nuggets?

Dallas: I love this story! If I’m the Nets, I take this pretty seriously. Basketball in New York is back and when the Knicks are good, New York is a basketball city! The Nets need this trade just to get back to relevant in the NBA again.

Ryan: They aren’t about to go through 4 months of negotiating with the Nets and throw it away over this. The Knicks have nothing that interests the Nuggets and the Knicks aren’t about to panic. They’ll wait until the summer to sign Anthony rather than blow up their team to get him.

Henry:  Kids, never give into bullies.  The Nets however, need to shut up.  They are second last in their conference and last in their division.  They need Melo in the worst way.  If he is traded to the division rival Knicks, they will secure their last place for years to come.  Idle threat or not, they can’t afford that chance.

Is the most hated man in Minnesota taking his talents to South Beach? Former Vikings coach Brad Childress, who was fired this year after a 3-7 start, is to interview with the Miami Dolphins this week for their vacant offensive co-ordinator position. Is this a good move for the Dolphins?

Henry: Great move!  Now they can have two coaches on their staff that nobody respects!  Childress couldn’t get the job done with Adrian Peterson, Sidney Rice, and Joe Webb!  He can’t be the guy to turn around the Dolphins awful franchise.

Dallas: No, this is not. The Dolphins were clear where they stood with current coach Tony Sparano when they recently tried to hire another head coach while he was still employed! Now they’re choosing his offensive coordinator. Tony Sparano is doomed for failure in 2012.

Ryan: The sexy thing to do in the NFL is hire former head coaches as co-ordinators because teams like New Orleans, Atlanta and yes even the Dolphins defense lead by Mike Nolan, have had success by doing so. Problem is, not everyone works out.  Childress won’t.

The Toronto Maple Leafs coach Ron Wilson put ‘money on the board’ for inspiration for his team to win. The win would ultimately give Wilson the 600th of his career. Apparently players often ‘put money on the board’ when playing former teams or teammates. In those cases usually whoever scores the game winning goal gets the money. The NHL has fined the Toronto Maple Leafs for this action as it is against league policy for coaches to put ‘put money on the board’. Do you have a problem with what Ron Wilson did?

Dallas: Yeah, I do have a problem with this. Unfortunately, boys, especially boys with a lot of money, will still be boys and continue with this ridiculous behavior. Does Ron Wilson regret any of this? Probably not. Will he be a little more discrete next time? Probably yes.

Ryan: I have a probem with players doing this too! Is this not illegal gambling? I think the NHL may want to take a closer look at this a perhaps institute a no breaking federal laws rule into their rule book even when at the rink.

Henry: There is no problem here.  Dallas and Ryan would ban paper-rock-scissors and go fish if they could.  What’s worse is that there is a policy in place to ban this harmless tradition.  Next they will ban puns, sunglasses in doors, and our freedom!  While I’m at it, if Wilson put the money on the board, why did he take it?


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