Take 5 … Dipietro’s glass jaw, Garnett cooler than a ball boy, Phil Simms throws down, NHL sideshow, and a College Tea Party!

Here on Take 5… we’re going to give you a quick run down on the 5 most interesting sports stories (according to us) of the previous week along with our takes on each story.

Pow! Right in the kisser.

In his 5 seasons since signing a 15-year, $67.5 million deal with the NY Islanders, goaltender Rick Dipietro has played in only 159 games. This week Dipietro and Penguins goalie Brent Johnson squared off during a line brawl.  Dipietro was blown up by a stiff left thrown by Johnson.  He is now expected to miss 4-6 weeks due to facial fractures. How upset must general manager Garth Snow be about this altercation?

Dallas: In 5 seasons Dipietro has played 159 games! That’s ridiculously shameful and I’m sure Garth Snow has already accepted that this is the reason he will eventually be fired. Actually, why hasn’t Garth Snow been fired yet? Is that franchise on cruise-control or what?

Ryan: He’s played 159 and missed 176 games! Up until now we’ve know that he’s had a glass knee, hip, groin, neck, and head but now I guess we can add face to the list!

Henry: This could be the best thing for the Islanders.  If they let 20-year-old Kevin Poulin play, he could gain some valuable experience.  In only 9 games this year, he has 3 wins.  Dipietro only had 7.  Poulin’s stats are even better, as he has posted a 93 save % and a 2.36 GAA.

You can't have the ball or my autograph!

A L.A. Laker ball boy was shot down by Kevin Garnett when asking for an autograph.  Kevin Garnett responded by saying “You’ve got a better chance of finding bin Laden” How would you have responded if you stood in the ball boy’s shoes?

Henry:  This has been a big season for KG.  He has now called a fellow player a cancer patient, slapped a dude in the tea bag, and now a poor choice of words for a ball boy.  If I was the ball boy I would’ve responded with; oh sorry, I thought you were Ray Allen.

Dallas:  I would have come back with something about a jerk store.

Ryan: Wow Henry you couldn’t have got that one any better I won’t even try to top that one. Anyone else realize the Lakers have been in the NBA Finals 7 of the last 11 years! Kevin Who?

Don't you ever talk ill of my son!

This Saturday, ex-NFL Quarterback and CBS sportscaster, Phil Simms, tried to fight Desmond Howard during the NFL Experience exhibit.  Howard had previously commented that Simms son Matt, was one of the worst QB’s in the SEC.  Who crossed a line here?

Ryan: Not the classiest move by the one time Saskatchewan Rough Rider. I get that you’re mad at the guy but not only are you a former NFL player but you’re now in broadcasting. Come on Phil I’d like to believe you’re better than that.

Dallas: Obviously Simms has crossed the line; however, I arrived at that conclusion only after I learned that broadcaster-on-broadcaster brawlin’ was not part of the NFL Experience! Maybe it should be, then this would be a non-issue.

Henry:  Simms should’ve pounded some logic and reason into Howard so that his son can get some props on Tennessee broadcasts.  I’ve got to realize that not everybody calls their fists logic and reason.

I'm just going to punch the air, if you get hit, it's your own fault!

In a fighting-filled week in the National Hockey League, we had several games with fights  in response to incidents earlier in the season. This includes the Boston/Dallas game where we saw 3 fights in the first 4 seconds of the game! Is this a case for the NHL to keep fighting in the game or eliminate it?

Ryan: I thought it was embarrassing. Premeditated garbage like this always rubs me the wrong way especially when after the game everyone involved pointed out that they did it because of what happened last time they played. Was this not one time a big NO NO in the NHL?

Henry:  They should definitely be keeping this kind of fighting.  This was so very entertaining and all over television.  Heated fights like this are terrific, lets just not fool ourselves and say that this is a necessary part of the game.  The fans were treated to a terrific sideshow.

Dallas: The league should be embarrassed for repeatedly allowing players to police themselves; it’s amateurish and careless. On the other hand, it did have a lot of major sports media outlets talking about hockey so I”m sure they’re fine with it.

He fell for the old "Tea pot" distraction.

College sports is all about creating a fun atmosphere for the fans at the games. This past week in a college basketball game between Nevada and Utah State, a man dressed as Mrs. Teapot stood behind the basket when Nevada was shooting free throws. This was the result. Is this kind of thing what makes people believe college sports are better than pro?

Henry:  The college fan atmosphere is far superior to the pro and this is a perfect example.  Who dresses up like the tea pot from Beauty and the Beast?  This guy caught everyone’s attention since his spout was at full attention.

Ryan: This might be one of the greatest things in all of sports. I love the atmosphere you get with college athletics because the true fans can afford to be at the games and they get involved in the action rather than going there just to be there.

Dallas: Freakin’ hilarious! Didn’t Prince where a similar costume when he performed at the Super Bowl a couple of years ago (check it out here)?


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