Interview with Josh Sitton, OL Green Bay Packers and Super Bowl Champion

Josh Sitton, that’s right, offensive lineman of the Green Bay Packers and oh yeah, Super Bowl Champion! Kind of a big deal. Anyways, Sitton joins us on the show this week to talk about the big game, preparations for next season, and fantasy football. Check out the interview below.

Ryan started by asking Josh Sitton to reflect on his career from high school ball to the University of Central Florida to the Super Bowl Championship. “It’s funny…you talked about the two-star (high school recruit rating),” said Sitton, “I’ve always kind of been an underrated guy.” “Coming out of high school, I didn’t have a lot of big offers. A lot of the guys recruiting me kind of fell off after my junior year and UCF wasn’t a big football school,” said Sitton. “It was kind of the same thing going into the pros. A lot of people said that I wasn’t going to be drafted and then I come in and I was starting. It’s been a fast three years,” said Sitton.

Ryan asked what the strangest question asked of Josh Sitton during media week before the Super Bowl. “I got interviewed by a guy fromĀ Nickelodeon who was wearing a Superman-like superhero outfit,” said Sitton, “I thought that was pretty crazy.”

Josh Sitton was named the top offensive lineman in the NFL in 2010.

Ryan asked about the night before the Super Bowl and how Sitton prepared for the big moment. “It was nerve-wracking,” said Sitton, “I’m the type of guy that gets real anxious and nervous before a game anyway so being in the Super Bowl was just ten time worse than normal.”

Ryan asked at what point Josh realized that Christina Aguilera flubbed the National Anthem. “All of us noticed,” said Sitton, “we all looked at each other like ‘what the hell is this chick doing?'” “Cause I’m sitting there singing along standing next to my o-line coach like I do every time, and I’m sitting there reading the words like I do every time, and I’m like well, either the Cowboys messed up the words on the jumbo tron or she messed up. It just made me more nervous,” said Sitton.

Ryan asked what the turning point was in the Super Bowl against the Pittsburgh Steelers. “When I knew we were going to win the game was when Nick Collins picked that ball off and took it to the house,” said Sitton. “For some reason, I was fully confident, I went out and I had a few good series and I was playing good, I was really confident and I was really confident in the whole team,” said Sutton. “As soon as Nick picked it off…I really thought we were going to blow those guys out. I never – not once after the game had started – didn’t feel confident about the game and I’m normally completely different and I”m not very confident.”


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