Take 5… Threesomes in NY and Miami, Burke the puppet master, Newton rising, Jazz out of tune, and Indy police create an NFL division.

Here on Take 5… we’re going to give you a quick run down on the 5 most interesting sports stories of the previous week along with our takes on each story.

Come to Miami...

Carmelo Anthony was traded this past week.  Melo, along with his Denver teammate Chauncey Billups, was traded to the Knicks officially on Tuesday,  Joined with Amar’e Stoudemire, are the Knicks big 3 the Heats equal and are they now a legitimate championship contender?

Ryan: The Knicks are back and ready to stick it to the Eastern Conference. They got a great big in Stoudemire, a distributer in Billups and a star in Carmelo. The Knicks will contend this year!

Henry:  I know the Knicks beat up on the Heat last night but I’m not ready to believe they are the better team.  Once the high wears off for Billups and Melo stops playing defence, the Knicks will settle back down to occasionally giving Cleveland wins.  The Heat are a better team.

Dallas: Not only are the Heat still the better team but so are the Celtics, Bulls, Hawks, and Magic…okay, maybe not the Magic. This will likely get the Knicks passed the first round of the playoffs which is not great but it’s better than where they’ve been the past 10 years.

I've made a huge mistake!

The NHL trade deadline is today at 3 p.m. Eastern.  There were numerous trades completed in the past few weeks leading up to the deadline.  Do you think this is a new trend or a knee-jerk reaction to Brian Burke’s early moves?

Henry:  It certainly seems like everyone is jumping after Burke takes shots.  His trade of Beauchemin on Feb. 9, sparked 4 trades on the 10th.  Burke then moves Versteeg, and the rest of the NHL fires back with 4 moves in 4 days.  It’s too bad he works for Toronto.

Dallas: This is the trend. Ever since Canadian sports media hyped trade deadline day to be more exciting than Christmas, the Super Bowl, and Rosh Hashanah rolled into one, the trade deadline has fallen flat on its face. I can’t wait to see third line salary dumps!

Ryan: Absolutely everyone is reacting to Burke’s actions. He forced the hand of many GM’s by eliminating some of the most attractive rent-a-players in this years deadline crop. This has caused a flurry of pre-deadline activity


At the NFL combine this weekend, Cam Newton became defensive when asked, not about his pay-for-play scandal, but for disobeying coaches orders during the BCS National Championship game.  Newton’s goal has been to improve his image at the combine and yet the opposite seems to have occurred.  How big of a risk is it to draft Cam Newton in the 1st round of the 2011 NFL draft?

Dallas: It’s a very big risk for say the Carolina Panthers or the Denver Broncos and if I were an NFL team I would touch that with one of those long field goal poles. Here’s who should risk it: the Winnipeg Blue Bombers because Newton will be one of the best CFL qbs ever!

Ryan: The guys a baller and believe it or not I’m turning into a Newton supporter!!! I hope he has a more decorated NFL career than Dallas’ boy Tim Tebow.

Henry:  Drafting Newton in the 1st round is the equivalent of betting your life savings on 1 hand of blackjack.  The team that takes him obviously is in dire need and if he doesn’t pan out, probably because of his selfish ways, they will be drafting very high again the next few years.  Only with less money to pay their good players.

Who's running this gong show?

In a shocking move a day prior to the NBA trade deadline, the Jazz dealt their superstar guard Deron Williams, to the New Jersey Nets, for a package similar to what was offered for Carmelo Anthony.  Jazz teammates and fans are left in disbelief now that they are out a star player and coach.  Which loss hurts more for the Utah Jazz?

Ryan: Star driven league and the star drove the coach away so management reacts by trading the star? Am I missing something? This sends Utah down the road of irrelevancy’s for years to come. Well done worst sports team nickname ever!

Dallas: On one hand, a coach of 23 years – well, it wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world to get some new ideas in there. And although star players don’t come around very often, I’m not about to give a player control of my team. It was good all around…wait, no it wasn’t – they stink!

Henry:  Although something should be said for the 3rd winningest coach of all-time, losing Deron Williams cripples this team.  He is the future of whatever club he is on, and the Jazz just flushed theirs down the toilet.  What a bad move.

Why is there never good lighting for mug shot photos?

Indianapolis police continue to have problems with the NFL and their ilk. After already arresting Pat McAfee and Legedu Naanee, a scout for the St. Louis Rams was arrested for urinating on a downtown building whilst intoxicated. Is Indy earning a Vegas type rep amongst NFL employees as the ‘new’ Sin City?

Dallas:  The NFL should introduce a lottery draft and award the top pick in the upcoming draft based on the silliest player/personnel arrest in Indy. I would especially love it if they did it this season because my Chargers would be on the board! I love you CSI Legedu!

Henry:  I think the police in Indy need to call a timeout.  They are being blitzed with NFL stupidity left, right, and center here.  They must think Polamalu is lined up, uncovered, on the left side.  Don’t look right Indy, here comes Panthers owner, Jerry Richardson, with his pants around his ankles.

Ryan:  Who knew the scouts of the NFL treat combine week as their Mardi Gras? First they berate Newton about not taking a knee, then they get drunk, publicly urinate on a building and expose themselves to female officers. Some one give those men some beads!!!


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