Take 5… Palmer out, Iran is halucinating, Regina remains domeless, BYU player has coitus, Cubs pillow fight.

Here on Take 5… we’re going to give you a quick run down on the 5 most interesting sports stories of the previous week along with our takes on each story.

That`s where the $80 million came from!

Last week, Cincinnati Bengals quarterback, Carson Palmer, told the press that he will never set foot in Cincinnati’s Paul Brown Stadium ever again. He said he has $80-million in the bank and is prepared to live his life beyond football. He only wants to play for fun and he can’t do that losing every year. If you’re the Bengals GM do you move this guy before this situation gets worse?

Henry:  Why would you move him?  The Bengals never do anything right and keep unhappy players all the damn time.  You call this bluff and ride out this existing ridiculous contract until 2014 with your below average quarterback.  He, Ocho, and Marvin Lewis can have it out all year.  It will be, by far, the most entertaining thing the Bengals do all year.
Dallas: You have to trade him; however, that doesn’t mean you can’t stick it to him. If Palmer wants to win so badly, I eat most of his contract and trade him to New England, Indianapolis, Green Bay, or New Orleans, where he’ll win 9 to 12 games every year holding the clipboard!
Ryan: Just cut ties with him and let him go the way of his former USC teammate Matt Leinart and see if he can find another team willing to make him their starter. The guy isn’t good enough to hold a franchise hostage like this.

I still say it`s a pink centaur walking towards me in a menacing manner. I don`t care what Iran says.

Iran objects to the logo for the 2012 London Olympics, contending it is racist because it resembles the word “Zion.”  Iran is urging other Islamic states to oppose the “racist” logo and possibly even boycott the Games.  When you look at the logo what do you see?

Henry:  I clearly see the word ZIZO in an obvious shout out to the planners favorite movie, The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou.  Great move by the planners to pan an homage to this terrific movie.  Are we really listening to calls of racism from Iran?  The holocaust denying, refusing to play against Israeli athlete, homophobes?  Do they really symbolize the spirit of the Olympics?
Dallas: Here’s what happened: the rest of the world got together to figure out a way to tell London that their logo sucked. Iran drew the shortest straw and had to lay the news on their buds. The excuse Iran came up with was horrible but hopefully London gets the message and their feelings aren’t hurt.
Ryan: So ridiculous! I love the Olympics and how it is such a huge global sporting event. With that greatness comes the downside of many athletes and countries using it to make a political stand. It’s sad that people love to kill the purity that the Olympics is supposed to be.

Dome? We don`t want no stinkin dome. Oh wait, we do.

The Federal government of Canada sent out a notice this week across the country that it will not help fund professional sports facilities. The letter stated there is no program in place nor will one be started. This has stopped Saskatchewan’s plan for a new stadium and now Quebec City and Edmonton’s arena’s may be in trouble. Do you agree with the governments stance?

Ryan: As long as there are citizens of Canada waiting months for MRI’s and other medical procedures, the federal government can NOT give money to build playgrounds for millionaires to make billionaires money.
Henry: The Fed’s have drawn their line in the sand and no money will be coming.  This is a wake up call for the Stadium project to find other ways to make this happen like a community revitalization levy (CRL) or more investors.  I think the bigger issue here now is that the purchase proposal for the land has now lapsed.
Dallas: Although it’s devastating to Rider Nation it was predicted by me. However, as devastating as this is, it will further pull Rider Nation together and they will be an unstoppable force going into the upcoming seasons. Rider Nation in a dome never made sense anyways.

It no longer says 0 on Davies BYU jersey or his V-Card.

BYU men’s basketball team has dismissed star sophomore Brandon Davies from the team for reportedly admitting to having premarital sex with his girlfriend. The school’s honor code forbids students from engaging in this behavior.  Did the punishment fit the crime and should universities be allowed to dictate the personal lives of their students?

Dallas: By society’s standards, the punishment did not fit the crime. By BYU’s standards, the punishment certainly did fit the crime and good for the school for sticking to their principles.
Henry:  Although I agree that universities can dictate the personal lives of students, I am not praising BYU for this move.  Whatever happened to forgiveness?  Maybe a 1-2 game suspension for this transgression?  Did we not forgive Joseph Smith for his crimes of theft and polygamy?
Ryan: At first I was irate and felt bad for Brandon Davies. It seemed like, on the surface, that he had been wronged by his educational institute. However as time has passed, I’ve realized he was clearly aware of the Honor Code at BYU and it’s ramifications of violating it. In a world in which NCAA teams are constantly hiding rule infractions it is nice to see a school stand strong. GO BYU!

Picture, 1000 words, Bieber pillow to the balls.

The preseason isn’t even over and the Chicago Cubs are already fighting one another.  Reportedly, the fight started after Carlos Silva said “We gotta make some plays” and another player took it personally. Are fights between teammates ever good for team chemistry?

Dallas: Fighting within a team could actually be a good thing sometimes and it can show how passionate players are about winning. This fight however, is the complete opposite! Somebody should have broken this thing up by reminding everybody that they all get paid, win or lose.
Henry:  I’m so petty that I would never forget something like this but if these guys can move past it then this is a great thing that demonstrates their passion for winning.  If I see some actual punches thrown next time, then I will be ready to call the Cubs for the MLB Championships.
Ryan: I’ve seen locker room fights split and divide teams in the past. Usually, especially professional teams, it splits them from enjoying one an others company but at the end of the day they are playing for a cheque. So they’ll win games but team like this don’t win in the playoffs. I’m going out on a limb and saying LONG LIVE THE CURSE!


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