Take 5… What Chara did, old lady Wickenheiser, NCAA crushing dreams, Brier stories, and tight NHL standings.

Here on Take 5… we’re going to give you a quick run down on the 5 most interesting sports stories of the previous week along with our takes on each story.

This stanchion should do the trick...

Max Pacioretty said he’s ‘disgusted’ that the NHL did not discipline Zdeno Chara for the gruesome hit that left him with a broken vertebra. The Quebec police opened an investigation into the hit, Air Canada sent a letter to the NHL threatening to end their sponsorship, and politicians, like Ignatieff, are commenting on the hot topic. Did the NHL get this right?

Ryan: Zdeno Chara’s reaction told the entire story! He was not surprised nor shocked that Pacioretty hit the partition. If he had, then I could believe it wasn’t intentional. If your actions intend and result in an injury suspension is warranted! The NHL misses another opportunity to be proactive against concussions and dropped the ball once again.
Dallas: The NHL got the non-suspension right (queue gasp from Henry). Remember the old days when we would watch turn-buckle hits on Rock’em Sock’em hockey and laugh? If only somebody had been able to predict that these hits could cause major injuries.
Henry: GASP!!! In response to Dallas and the fact that I kind of agree with him.  Although I don’t think this hit was especially nasty, I think a penalty was awarded on the ice and a player was injured.  A token 3-5 game suspension just felt right here, based solely on those criteria.

No more questions about my age please.

The CIS Womens hockey Championships began last Thursday in Waterloo and to kick off the event, the Brodrick trophy, the award for the most valuable womens player in the CIS, was awarded to Haley Wickenheiser.  She led the Canada West conference in scoring, but did she deserve this honor?

Henry:  Great year for Wickenheiser, but who didn’t think she would. How is the award not given to the player that leads the league in scoring, both this year, and now career points?  Marieve Provost of Moncton deserved this award more as she also had 5 game winning goals but for a team that didn’t finish in the top 10.
Dallas: Stats wise, yeah, she was the MVP – but I’m embarrassed for her in accepting the award. I want to give another shout-out the the Bisons womens hockey team for knocking U of C out of the playoffs!
Ryan: The all-time leading scorer in CIS women’s history leads the nation in scoring in her final year and the CIS gives it to a 32-year old four time Olympian rather than the 22-year old that actually deserves it. Two take 5’s and two bitter responses from me…..what’s next?

Less time in the Big 12 tournament means more solo photo shoots. Yeah!

Perry Jones III was suspended 30 minutes before the Big 12 Tournament opener for an offense that he did not commit, was unaware of, and happened when he was in high school.  The infraction, 3 loans, totalling under $1000, were given to his mother to pay the mortgage, that were paid back.  Should the NCAA be praised for upholding their rules?

Dallas: Even when the NCAA gets it right they still get it wrong! If there was ever a time to avoid suspending the player because the evidence is “inconclusive”, this was it. How do 5 Ohio State football players avoid immediate suspensions for clear violations and this guy is booted out of the conference tournament?
Henry: NCAA may be the only sporting body that does a worse job of punishing their players than the NHL. This is worse than BYU suspending Davies. This happened before he was a part of the NCAA and definitely should not impact his Big 12 tournament because they took 2 years to make a decision.
Ryan: Dallas I can’t agree more. 5 Ohio State players sell thousands of dollars worth of memorabilia, this guys mom takes a thousand dollar loan without his knowledge and they suspended him 30-minutes prior to tip off? The NCAA is an absolute joke! 3 for three what’s fourth up on take 5?

All the Timmies I can drink!

Manitoba’s Jeff Stoughton played Sunday night for his 3rd Brier Title.  He beat Alberta’s Kevin Martin to advance to the finals.  Martin, however, announced his retirement from curling after his 100th victory, which he achieved earlier in the Championship.  What was the bigger story of the Brier?

Henry:  The last Brier Championship Stoughton won, was in 1999.  It was the first and only Brier Ryan and I have ever attended.  Little stat for you.  Alberta has won the Brier 7 of the last 10 years.  Martin retiring is the bigger story as other rinks will have an opportunity to step in to fill the void.

Ryan: Finally something that won’t push my blood pressure through the roof. Martin leaving the game is bigger news because he is/was the Gretzky of curling. We’re seeing a true icon step away but we are left with amazing memories from the 2010 Olympics

Dallas: Manitoba’s Jeff Stoughton on the brink of another Brier Cup is nice but c’mon! Kevin Martin winning 100 games at the Brier, this guy is the Michael Jordan of curling. He is a curling legend and his accomplishments should be recognized as such.

One word to describe Bettman`s tenure as commissioner.

The NHL standings are a complete log jam right now. In the Western conference 3rd to 11th place are only separated by 8 points. Is it time for the NHL to review its regular season overtime policy and perhaps change away from awarding a point to the loser of the shootout?

Ryan: I still love shoot-outs and the more teams involved in playoff races the better. It’s better for fans, players and tv ratings. All of which lead to more money for the NHL so I’m surprised Gary Bettman hasn’t done way with this yet in another terrific move by the commissioner. How did he get a 5-year extension last year? I’m fired up again.

Dallas: Over 90% of the league is going to be involved in a playoff race within the final 2 games of the regular season. Does somebody out there actually have a problem with this?

Henry:  Review as you need but I see no issue with keeping the OT point for the loser.  The goal of the regular season is to separate the best teams.  If a team plays 60 minutes to a draw, they have played better than a team that played 60 minutes to a loss.  3rd to 11th in the East is separated by 15 points, how bout them apples.


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