Interview with Stephen Pepper, Associate Editor of

Stephen Pepper, associate editor of – a Washington Capitals blog – and host of JapersRink Radio joins us to discuss the social media of today. Pepper discusses the Caps, 24/7, and the future of sports media. Check out the interview here.

Be sure to check out for some interesting hockey stuff.


One response to “Interview with Stephen Pepper, Associate Editor of

  1. It’s hard to believe the Ravens are so good yet Rice and Flacco have sultggred statistically! Usually your running back or quarterback need to be dominate for you to be one of the best teams, rather it’s Ray Lewis showing the NFL that he and his defense are still dominant. Wonder if Longwell and Allen regret taking the flight to bring Favre back?Henne + Marshall = Innept???Don’t worry I didn’t think I’d be the No.2 fantasy QB either signed Kyle OrtonDear fantasy football owner, sorry I can’t put together back to back outings signed SchuabHenry, what are your thoughts on who the real Mark Sanchez is? Three games he’s been more inept than Vince Young slinging the ball, the other three games he’s looked like 2009 version of my boy Drew Brees! Which Sanchez do we buy into????

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