Canadians in the 2011 NCAA Tournament

Tristan Thompson of Brampton, Ontario and Cory Joseph of Toronto Ontario are just two of twenty Canadians playing in the March Madness Tournament this year

Canada is decently represented in the 2011 NCAA March Madness Tournament. Learn more about these crazy canucks and keep cheering them on throughout the tournament! Here is the list:

Dwayne Harvey, PG, Alabama State (6-1, 185, Fr.) – Hamilton, ON

Tramar Sutherland, SG, Arkansas-Little Rock (6-3, 199, Jr.) – Toronto, ON

Eric Kibi, SF, Arkansas Little-Rock (6-6, 221, Jr.) – Ottawa, ON

Jon House, SF, Belmont (6-6, 215, Sr.) – Guelph, ON

Bryson Johnson, SG, Bucknell (6-1, 186, So.) – Pictou, NS

Robert Sacre, C, Gonzaga (7-0, 260, Jr.) – North Vancouver, BC

Mangisto Arop, SF, Gonzaga (6-6, 208, So.) – Edmonton, AB

Kelly Olynyk, F, Gonzaga (7-0, 238, So.) – Kamloops, BC

Jean Selus, PG, Illinois (6-2, 195, Jr.) – Montreal, PQ

Juevol Myles, G, Kansas State (6-1, 200, So.) – Ajax, ON

Kyle Johnson, SG, Long Island (6-5, 210, Sr.) – Toronto, ON

Troy Joseph, SG, Long Island (6-6, 195, Fr.) – Ajax, ON

Arnold Mayorga, PF, Long Island (6-7, 225, Jr.) – London, ON

Robinson Odoch Opong, G, Long Island (6-3, 200, Fr.) – Quebec City, PQ

Junior Cadougan, PG, Marquette (6-1, 206, So.) – Toronto, ON

Kadeem Green, SF, Missouri (6-8, 200, Fr.) – Toronto, ON

Francis-Cedric Martel, SF, Richmond (6-6, 205, Jr.) – Montreal, PQ

Kris Joseph, SF, Syracuse (6-7, 210, Jr.) – Montreal, PQ

Cory Joseph, G, Texas (6-3, 185, Fr.) – Toronto, ON

Tristan Thompson, PF, Texas (6-8, 225, Fr.) – Brampton, ON


4 responses to “Canadians in the 2011 NCAA Tournament

  1. Check out Manny Arop from Edmonton! This kid is a stud!

  2. There are a lot of good players here, even some talk of a few of these guys entering the NBA draft. Doesn’t it kind of have the same feel as Canadian Ball Players? For how many Canadian ball players there are in the MLB, how do they win so many MVP awards.

    Check out the Canadians in the MLB show including the interview with Andrew Tinnish

  3. That could be Canada’s claim to fame in the American dominated sports. We produce quality, not quantity.

  4. Okay, I like Manny because he’s from Edmonton but the real Canadian story from the NCAA is Tristan Thompson. This guy is a projected first round pick in the NBA draft this summer after his freshman season! Fortunately for Texas, he’s sticking around college ball for one more season. This means that Texas will have 4 Canadians on their roster next season! I think I have a new favourite team.

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