Matt Cooke’s Flying Elbow on Ryan McDonagh

The NHL has finally stepped up and handed out a real punishment to a repeat offender. I just don’t understand why they decided to make an example out of Matt Cooke, for his elbow to Ryan McDonagh’s head, and Trevor Gillies got off easy? What do you think the suspension should’ve been?



8 responses to “Matt Cooke’s Flying Elbow on Ryan McDonagh

  1. He should be suspended but I fail (actually the NHL fails) to see how this is worse than Heatley’s or how this could even be considered worse than Trevor Gillies actions. So glad to see the Bettman regime get another 5-years.

  2. Dany Heatley didn’t have an owner lash out against the NHL. This was a shot at Mario Lemieux more than anything.

    Gillies just got lucky. I heard Garth Snow tried to plea to the league about the head hits but the english language got the better of him and his point was lost amidst all of the “uhs”, “ums”, “you knows”, and “16 year contracts are goods”.

    Seriously, what a ridiculous hit. I actually think the NHL is onto something with the charging calls. Under the new rules, I would include this as a charge.

  3. At least Trevor Gilles kept his arms contained within his own body width while delivering his hit. My first angle on that hit had me out of my seat in anger, other angles led me to believe it was almost a glancing hit off the shoulder. His past makes me believe he should’ve gotten more.

    This Cooke elbow was disgusting. He whiffed on finishing his check and wildly threw his elbow out to catch McDonagh on the chin. Cooke is just lucky he has a stronger jaw than Pete McNeely or else he would’ve been Pizza Hut’s latest commercial golden boy. I finally agree with a suspension as this is supposed to cost Cooke over 200 grand. Now that is a suspension. I want to know, but of course not enough to look it up right now, how much Cooke makes this year? What percentage of his salary is this?

    This is not a shot at Lemieux, it is exactly what he asked for and the NHL finally delivered. Cooke was a poster boy for this situation as the NHL was probably waiting, hammer poised and ready to drop. He has a nasty past and then this is beyond stupid. Hammer drops, NHL says there, we punish head hits. Let this be a lesson.

    I remain unconvinced it will continue to enforce these changes and wait to see if a culture change is coming.

  4. For the University of Alberta grads I’m going to do a little quick math here for you on your comment about Cooke’s salary this season.
    *Remember the following are approximations*
    Approx. $200,000 in lost salary. Suspension is 10 games (players don’t receive their salary in playoffs. Regular season is 82 games (we’ll say 80 to keep it simple). So 10 (games suspended) x 8 (will give us his pay for 80 games) Thus, $200,000 (10 games pay) x 8 (will give us his pay over 80 games)=$1,600,000. Therefore, because he will play 2 more games and his fine is just over $200,000 he makes at least $1,600,000 this year but probably closer to $1,700,000.

    Which is a bargain for a guy, when not acting like an idiot, is a pretty good hockey player. He is widely regarded as one of the best penalty killers in the game today. In three seasons in Pittsburgh he’s had 12,13, and 15 goals seasons. 30 or more points each year and over 100 PIM. He’s also been suspended at least once each year.

  5. Thanks Ryan, I appreciate you busting that out long hand for me. I never knew you were such a math wizard. Quick, what is the square root of this apartment?

  6. Check out Matt Cooke’s reaction to the suspension:

    In a statement to ESPN reporters, Cooke stated that he will accept the suspension and that he must change his game. This pisses me off even more than the hit!

    Matt Cooke has realized there is no place for his style of hockey in today’s NHL. Cooke realizing this after his 12 game suspension is a perfect example of how hockey players just don’t get it. Actually, most do, but there’s about 4% that don’t. Unfortunately for hockey, these 4% cause about 90% of the damage.

    Firstly, this is not the first time Cooke has been in trouble. I would have thought that he would have take a hard look at what he’s contributing to hockey after basically ending Marc Savard’s career (well, we’ll have to wait and see but I can guarantee Savard will never be the same). He has had numerous suspensions for actions that resulted in a player getting injured. Did that convince him to change his game? No.

    Secondly, Matt Cooke is teammates with Sidney Crosby, who has been sidelined for about three months with a concussion. I’m sure even an idiot like Cooke realizes that the only reason his ice time went up slightly was because the best player in the NHL is currently out of the line-up. I’m going to make some assumptions here but surely he has run into Crosby here or there and asked why he’s out of the line-up and if he’s feeling alright. Crosby probably gave Cooke an answer like, “well, I can’t do any kind of physical activity without getting a monster headache, bright lights hurt my head, and I have to lay down every 20 minutes to get away from the pain.”

    Also, Cooke plays for Mario Lemieux, the owner of the Penguins, who recently made headlines in the sporting world talking about how the NHL needs to clean up its game and eliminate head hits. Was Cooke paying attention to any of this? No again.

    Thirdly, Cooke had to have noticed all of the fuss about head hits over the last couple of months in the NHL. Between the Chara hit, the Heatley hit, and the several other hits which have been reviewed closely by the league, I would think that Cooke would consider toning down his game and staying on the down-low. Nope.

    Cooke’s hit was one of the most disgusting I’ve ever seen. He gets suspended for the remainder of the season plus two playoff games and guess what? He now gets it. Congrats Matt Cooke.

    This is the problem with hockey. Check that – this is the problem with hockey players. They don’t get it. You can inform a 26-year-old about the long-term effects but let’s face, some of these guys can’t see passed the next paycheck. What did it take to convince Matt Cooke to change his ways? Endangering the career and lives of fellow players. No. A big hit to the paycheck? Yes. That’s the problem.

    We need rules to keep this and other violent actions, including fighting, out of hockey. I can hear you already: “but how will these players police themselves?” Why do we want to leave the policing up to the dumbest players in hockey? The game can be cleaned up by either changing the rules or getting rid of the dumbest guys in the game. Unfortunately, getting rid of the idiots is a lot tougher.

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  8. I’m not going to lie I was hoping for a name chngae. I think this team needed its own identity and it wasn’t going to get that by being called the Jets. Look at other cities that lost and regained teams non of them kept the name. Minnesota, Atlanta, and Colorado went for the fresh new start. But then again maybe that’s just me.

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