Fantasy Baseball Season is Upon Us…Who Needs Help?

So the ad-wizards at Athlete’s Angle decided it would be a good thing if we started a fantasy baseball listener league. Normally I would jump all over the opportunity to show off my sporting knowledge prowess, however, after making a fantasy football draft blooper reel with our last listener league and having my NCAA March Madness bracket completely destroyed through the first couple rounds of the tournament (I’m still not convinced VCU has a basketball team and do not ask me what VCU stands for or where they’re from), it’s high time to call for some help from the pros. You know, the guys who know everything about everything until the games are played.

Robbie Alomar was making headlines this off-season as he was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame...I don't care how big his numbers are, don't draft him

Maybe you’re in the same boat I am. Maybe those jerk Athlete’s Angle ad-wizards have gotten to your friends as well. Hell, maybe you just want to try something new and you want to compete in the Athlete’s Angle listener league (if that’s the case, e mail and those very same jerk ad-wizards will send you an invite). Either way, we’re all looking to get a baseball education without investing any significant amount of effort. Fortunately for you, I’ve taken all of the Googling out of the equation, saving you from having to sort through any one of the 250 useless stats baseball people have come up with.

First of all, let’s talk stategy. I have no experience in fantasy baseball. Which positions should I draft first? Is it better to have good hitters or good pitching? Well, the good folks at have taken care of this. Check it out right here.

Okay, you have you strategy, now let’s take a look at the players. actually does an okay job getting the information in your hands. You can print off player rankings for each position right here. For me, I’m not crazy about this. Drafts happen fast and it’s extremely difficult to keep your wits about you once things get rolling. The last thing I need to be doing is flipping between 12 sheets of paper trying to find the player I thought would have made for a real nice draft pick.

Here is the all-in-one fantasy baseball cheat sheet provided by It’s all-in-one but that’s about it. There’s no injury help and no stat extras. Still, for the bare minimum, this will get you through.

RotoWire also has some good stuff, including the Excel version which may come in handy. The only problem is that you have to subscribe. Either way, it may be worth checking out.

As much as I would like to get away from the big boys of sports media, they know what they’re doing. ESPN has good coverage and they are still probably one of the best all-in-one stops around. Check out their draft coverage right here.

This is my first crack at looking for draft material. If you have any better stuff, I would love for you to post a comment and include a link. I am also trying to find some decent fantasy baseball podcasts, post links to those as well.


15 responses to “Fantasy Baseball Season is Upon Us…Who Needs Help?

  1. Thanks Dallas, I hadn’t done any research yet and you have brought it all together for me. Now that I look at the lists though, it looks like Albert Pujols at #1 and then a long list of question marks.

    Prognosis: negative.

  2. I assumed you being the league commissioner would take a different approach to the draft. For example, maybe tell everybody the draft is a day later than it actually is. I doesn’t guarantee anything but still.

  3. Like I said on the show last week Dallas, my cheating days are behind me and I enjoy being beat up on by ladies in co-ed sports that are new to me. The new sport is fantasy baseball. The ladies are…

  4. Michael Elves

    The forums on are pretty great – just advice and topics from a bunch of roto and H2H players. And if you can’t find what you’re looking for, post something and there’s usually responses pretty quick.

    Fantasy Focus Baseball (the ESPN podcast) is worth listening to, even if it’s just for the nonsense.

    I’d also recommend following as many MLB beat writers on Twitter as you can find, along with the official team Twitter accounts. Up-to-date info doesn’t get any more fresh.

  5. You’ll live to regret the day you ever offered me fantasy baseball advice Michael! Mwahahahaahha!

    Actually, I appreciate the help. I did check out ESPN’s Fantasy Focus but all of the podcasts were like 45 minutes long. My short attention span can only take in baseball info 10-12 minutes at a time. Is there anything out there along these lines?

  6. Michael Elves

    Most podcasts that I know of/listen to run a half-hour to an hour (Roto Kings, CBS Sports, etc.)

    For the short attention span, I’d recommend the Fantasy Focus videos on the frontpage of ESPN’s Fantasy Baseball pages. They usually run 4-5 minutes.

  7. Michael, I think what Dallas is asking for is some kind of flash card system that possibly you or your fantasy baseball expert co-host, could provide him with. Ideally they come with bright flashy colors to really draw him in.

  8. This might help you Dallas. I believe it’s more your speed.

  9. Brooks that book is 456 pages! Don’t let the title fool you, you need at least a 6th grade reading level.

  10. You’re right Ryan, but it doesn’t really matter…we all know Dallas will use only one assessment tool: Who is “cutest?”

  11. That is his tried and true method, although it failed him miserably with the mascots in the NCAA bracket.

  12. We’d love it if you tried out our draft tool for real-time team analysis. It helps you assess your roster with each pick, illustrating how you’re progressing against the stats categories that are important in your league. There are lots of cheat sheets out there, but what is really most important in a fantasy baseball league is putting together the ideal portfolio of statistics to get you the victories you crave. Check us out at

    Also, for those of you who have already drafted, we have given some examples of how to evaluate your team after the draft using our tool:

  13. That Baseball for Dummies moves pretty fast. Do I want the guys that get out or the guys that get on base? Is there an Understanding Baseball for Dummies for Dummies out there. It’s just a little confusing…and long! 456 pages! How is there possibly 456 pages of baseball stuff to get through!

    As for draft strategy, puppies are cute, not baseball players. I usually pick whoever has the biggest arms.

  14. I don’t pick the team with the cutest mascots, I pick the team with the toughest looking mascot. There is clearly a difference.

    I imagine both mascots in the octagon and think of how the fight would unfold. This is why I never pick the Buffalo Bills.

  15. On this week’s Athlete’s Angle we had an interview with Micheal Elves, co-host of the UMFM’s Bench Jockeys and Athlete’s Angle baseball expert. Micheal gives some pretty good takes on the upcoming season as well as some draft advice. You can check out the show right here:

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