Explain This!

Okay, I’ve seen a lot of weird and funny sports videos, especially on this site, but this one has me baffled. There are always a lot of weird things in sports but this one tops my list. I’m still not sure if I want somebody to figure this one out for real or not. Anyways, check out the video below.

Here’s my take on this save: remember when the LA Kings got into that controversy where a goal against the Kings was allowed when it never should have been (don’t know what I’m talking about, click here to see it). Then we found out the video goal judge that made the final decision may have had a grudge against the Kings because he was turned down for the Kings management job. Apparently, the NHL has admitted to the error and given the LA Kings a coupon for one free non-goal which they used against the Calgary Flames. The Kings went onto win the game in a shoot-out, taking a very important point away from the Flames. Karma fixed this for the Kings because of that allowed goal and it screwed the Calgary Flames because, well, they’re a bunch of jerks.

How do you explain this weird video?


10 responses to “Explain This!

  1. They say the ghost of Kelly Hrudey’s blue bandana still haunts the crease of all the Kings games. Scary? You bet.
    Although, not nearly as scary as the locker room of the Medicine Hat Tigers who are haunted to this day by his jock strap.

  2. Too funny! Hilarious Brooks!

  3. This uncovers my conspiracy theory that the NHL is rigged and that they use magnetic pucks to control the out comes of games!!!!

  4. I got your magnet for you…in my pants!

  5. Next thing your going to tell me is you can’t determine an athlete’s success by his name! In my book that I’m writing, ‘it’s all in the name’, I talk about how you can determine a players longevity in professional sports based simply by his last name. If it doesn’t roll off the tongue he’s never going to make it! I was at the draft when Aki Berg was to be a stud and I said no best name in the draft is Jarome Iginla. He went 12th overall to Dallas!!!! He’s still the only decent player to come out of that draft.

  6. I’ve told you a million times before that this “name” theory is the silliest idea going. However, I think you can do better than “It’s All in the Name” for a title. How about “Name in the Game” or “The Name Game”?

    Also, I’m not sold on you ’95 draft rip (after all, I was at that draft, I should know). No good players out of that draft. Besides Iginla, we saw Bryan Berard, he was pretty good. Wade Redden, he’s played a lot of games in the AHL this season. And without the ’95 draft, where would we have gotten our thirty-something back-up goalies such as J.S. Giguere and Marty Biron? Also, I wouldn’t sell Aki Berg quite yet…he could still surprise you. Norris 2018 Baby!

  7. Marc Savard also came out of that draft. I forgot to include my one real answer.

  8. Real answer? I think you just keep proving my point…..thank you!

  9. Where the name theory falls apart is with Aki Berg. That is the greatest name of all time. Aki Bergggggggg. Mr. Berggggggggggg. Its so fun to say, how was he not successful. We may have to edit chapter 46 of “It’s all in the name!”

    Along these lines, my new favorite sweetheart of the possibly never upcoming NFL draft has got to be Ryan Mallet from Arkansas. His nickname is built right in! That has to play into the name theory doesn’t it?

  10. Just think about the announcer, or far worse, Chris Berman. Mallet drops back and WHOOP, he drops the hammer!

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