Get That Weak…..

Washington’s JaVale McGee with one of the most ridiculous blocks ever in the NBA on Portland’s Matthews!

What makes this block so impressive is the fact that it resulted in a turnover. Usually when guys like Dwight Howard make a block they swat the ball into the 47th row. McGee not only gains possession but gives a stare down and a half to his opponent after the block. What a play!!!

Also special bonus we got JaVale McGee’s monster block on Blake Griffin!

Take that Henry your boy got DENIED!!!


3 responses to “Get That Weak…..

  1. A remarkable play but would you call that a block or a steal?

  2. If I were Ryan Mallet and playing in the NBA I would say I “Malleted” him.

    Also, this is clearly both a block and a steal.

  3. It can’t be two things Henry! Do they award a player an assist on his goal if he bounces the puck off of the boards then goes in and scores? Either it’s a block or a steal.

    The other thing that makes this block so great is that it was a game changer. You’ll notice the score in the highlight had the Wizards trailing by 11 about halfway through the second quarter. If I project that lead over a 4-quarter game, the Blazers should have won by about 29 points. The final score was 111-76, the Blazers won by 35…huh, maybe it wasn’t the game changer I thought it was.

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