Name theory proved correct by sciencetician!

There is no way Mallet is better than me, I don't care what this so called "Name Theory" says!

After realizing the brilliance of my name theory formulated prediction that Arkansas QB Ryan Mallet will be a greater QB in the NFL than any other, simply because of the “Malletability” of his last name, I started some research on my new boy and found this.

Think of all the stupid puns that will be shoved down our throats by aging NFL announcers and color men.  Clearly I’m excluding Kornheiser here because he is free to pun with impunity and remains above reproach with the management of this site.


4 responses to “Name theory proved correct by sciencetician!

  1. That headline is horribly misleading. The name theory wasn’t proven by anybody simply because “your boy” Malletman got a shout out in the last two lines of a draft article. The name theory will be proven when this is guy is declared the best quarterback of his draft class after 5 years. I’m simply not ready to declare Mallet this year’s version of Matt Lienart.

    By the way, calling it the name theory is incorrect. A theory is something that’s been proven. A hypothesis describes an idea that is yet to be tested or proven. Therefore, we will now describe it as the “Name Hypothesis”.

  2. Besides, all bets are off because I heard this guy is French and his name is pronounced Mal-lay.

  3. The name theory strikes again! Dallas will draft Gabbert just to try and disprove this proven theory like he did 12 years or so ago by taking Ryan Leaf first overall. Another terrible year by a terrible manager

  4. Dallas although you have impressed me with your 8th grade knowledge of the difference between a hypothesis and theory, name theory rolls of the tongue easier. As our goal for the name theory has always been to publish books and make a ton of money off of its predictive powers, we need to appeal to the saleability of the name, not is proper definition.

    Also, I cannot wait 5+ years to correctly prove that Mallet is this years best QB. I vote yes and so does Ryan so that is a 2-1 democratic vote in favor, and I see no issue with that logic whatsoever.

    Mallet for NFLPA President! He will strike fear into the hearts of the NFL owners and re-unite this once glorious league!

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