Curtis Granderson is getting ready for the season…

Curtis Granderson had some interesting choices for his walk up music.  The question is, if you were a baseball player, what song would you choose ?

Here’s the link to the full song Granderson chose


6 responses to “Curtis Granderson is getting ready for the season…

  1. This is a no brainer……Mmmmmbop by Hanson. So bouncy I’d be at the plate focused and ready to jump on the first fastball……BAM!

  2. He scrolls over Phoenix 3-4 times in this video. Why would Liztomania not be good enough for him? Also, is that a damn powerband on his wrist?

    I can’t think of the song I would want playing as I walked to the plate. I need more time dammit!

  3. You guys both stink at this game. There is only one song that any batter could possibly have for their walk-up song: Eye of the Tiger. It couldn’t possibly get any better than that!

  4. Do you think anyone has used, “Who let the dogs out”? That song is epic!

  5. Wow Henry that is terrible….even for you and that is saying something. I think the song he chose was better than who let the dogs out!

  6. Whoa, whoa, I thought this was a judgement free post. I’m not sure how I feel about my favorite song being criticized like this.

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