Big 3 Gettin’ It Done!

Miami Heats Big 3 had a game fit for the record books on Sunday. They accomplished something that has not been accomplished in over 50 years. They had three players, Wade, James and Bosh all go 30-10. It was very impressive but also kind of expected.

Check out the story here.

Ryan’s Take: This is a pretty remarkable feat obviously as it is the first time it has occurred in 50 years. The problem I have with it is that it took so long to happen. These guys were/are three of the hottest players in all of basketball when they decided to join forces in South Beach. When they held their pre-season championship party I think everyone expected three or four nights like this throughout the season. I do not want to take away from their feat because it was impressive, I’m just saying I think a lot of us thought these dominant performances would not be so few and far between.

Your Take: Has the media and fans alike been way too hard on the Heat this season?


5 responses to “Big 3 Gettin’ It Done!

  1. Even more impressive: Bosh went the whole game without crying.

  2. Funny stuff again Brooks.

    I think it would be wrong to say the media has been too tough on this team. Especially after they held their championship celebration before playing even one game together. Remember all of the confetti? How many championships did LeBron say they would win? Like 6? You have to expect some people to not be on your side after you do something that silly.

    All that aside, this was a very impressive outing for those three players.

  3. I think he didn’t cry because James and Wade passed him the ball in the key. Another first for the Heat this year. It was a record breaking night for the Miami Hated by Everyone!

  4. The Heat are still not a good team — check that — the Heat are a good team but they ain’t no Chicago Bulls or Boston Celtics. Over/Under: Heat play 2.5 playoff series this season.

    I’m taking the under.

  5. Brooks, what happens in the Miami Heat locker room is none of our business and I’ll thank you to try to ease up on these professional basketball players.

    The media has been way too hard on these guys. Take me for example, when looking at this headline I said to myself, who cares? These guys are supposed to score 30+ each night and they did it against a team who currently sits outside of the playoffs and is 5 games below .500 on the road.

    Dallas’s man crush on Derrick Rose has rubbed off on me and I’m tired of the Heat and definitely don’t think anyone should take their foot off their necks until they have won 5 Championships.

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