Melo Leads Knicks In ‘Almost A Must Win’

Carmelo Anthony went above and beyond Monday night to ensure the Knicks got back in the win column after losing 6 straight games. He scored 39 points and added 10 rebounds as the Knicks downed the Magic 113-106.

Check out the story from the Wall Street Journal

Ryan’s Take: My boy (Melo) is back and leading the Knicks on a run here and into the playoffs. Carmelo Anthony, Amar’e Stoudemire, and Chauncey Billups are getting the wrinkles out just in time to do some damage in the post season. I still believe they make it to the third round of the playoffs!

Your Take: How far do you think the Knicks will go in this years playoffs?


4 responses to “Melo Leads Knicks In ‘Almost A Must Win’

  1. I like to use clean and clear clearisil to get my wrinkles out but I’m almost positive we are talking about different wrinkles here. Not really apples to apples.

    I’m calling the Knicks to be destroyed in the first round by the Celtics. They will be lucky to win 1 game against a far better squad that has been together a lot longer. All 3 top seeds int the East have shown the ability to go on intimidatingly long winning streaks this year, something the Knicks have not shown us.

    For the Knicks in 2011, I’m not calling out “Championship”!

  2. The Celtics? I don’t think my Knicks fear the Celtics. We’re younger, faster, and we have Spike Lee in our corner. If ESPN’s 30 for 30 has taught us anything, and it hasn’t, its that the Knicks are unbeatable in the playoffs!

  3. “Are the Knicks in the final four?”

    – The rest of Canada

  4. Ryan, you’re love for the Knicks is silly. This is not a good team. Melo does not play with enough desperation to bring the Knicks into contention. I will give them one more than Henry did and say that they will win a total of two games in the playoffs this season.

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