India Wins Biggest Game Ever

In 2011 Cricket World Cup action India defeated Pakistan in what may have been infront of the largest viewing audience of any sporting event ever. The game was expected to attract 7x the viewership that the Super Bowl does. India alone was expecting over 800 million viewers from their country.

Complete Game Recap Right Here

India’s win today makes them now a perfect 5-0 against Pakistan in World Cup matches. However Pakistan does lead India in Tests and One Day Internationals which just seems to fuel this firy rivalry. 

With the semi-final match becoming a global event, does it detract some of the luster or sex appeal of Saturday’s final between India and Sri Lanka?



2 responses to “India Wins Biggest Game Ever

  1. visionsport.TV

    When two sporting giants collide the world stops and watches in awe . . . and history is made. Well done India

  2. How do the words “sexy” and “cricket” ever work together?

    This match was clearly a global event due to the politics of the situation. Everyone interested watched with baited breath to see if some terrible calamity ensued. I for one am happy that the game came and went without a hitch (that I have heard of), and hope it continues that way in the future.

    My prediction is that all the casual sports observers who took an interest in this match, will not carry on to care about the finals.

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