NCAA exploring compensating players

How did Duke not repeat?

Although the NCAA has never been compared to modern-day slavery, as the NFL has by Adrian Peterson, it is a flawed system that battles with properly compensating its players.  Players become celebrities, both locally and nationally, before ever becoming a professional athlete.  When achieving that status, time and time again we see young athletes struggling to not pluck low hanging fruit.

NCAA president, Mark Emmert, feels it is time to explore the subject in board meetings but maintains the players must remain students and not become employees.  Do you see the NCAA finding a solution to this problem in the near future?

Last June, the NCAA basketball tournament landed a 14 year, $10.8 billion contract.  All I’m sayin is, don’t stop breaking the bread now.


10 responses to “NCAA exploring compensating players

  1. I feel there are great changes heading the NCAA’s way in the next 5 to 10 years. We have corrupt bowl games, massive tv contracts, and free labour. Something has to change and it is coming it’s just years behind of where it should be.

  2. I don’t agree with the free-labour thing as I’m sure there are a lot of kids that don’t even apply to university each year just because of the cost associated with post-secondary school is so high. I do agree that this has been a long time coming and the NCAA is horribly behind in fixing college football’s money problem.

    I’m still far from convinced they’re going to find a decent solution to this. Mostly because the solution isn’t an easy one to figure out. Should football players get paid and then a school is forced to shut down the golf program? That doesn’t make sense to me.

    Another reason I’m not convinced we’re going to see significant change is because of the Fiesta Bowl. In case your a little behind on your BCS headlines, here you go:

    The Fiesta Bowl will be the first domino to fall on the Bowl system. Unfortunately, these types of problems are not new problems, these ones simply found their way into the media stream. For the NCAA, their first priority is to get the Fiesta mess out of the media; their second priority is to get paid; their third priority is to fix the system. I have a hunch that once they complete the first two tasks the third will be put on the back burner.

  3. The Fiesta Bowl people should hire Bob Loblaw as their attorney.

    “Why should you go to jail for a crime that someone else noticed?” – Bob Loblaw

  4. One thing I failed to mention in the post on top of the problems arising on top of players being illegally compensated is when they leave college early to get paid. It hurts the college programs and potentially can hurt the players future career if they do not properly hone their skills in college. College right now seems like the place you go to get told when you will get paid, then bail early for the easy buck.

    Also, I’m not judging them since there are plenty of reasons to get a contract early as an athlete.

  5. Bob Loblaw for the Fiesta Bowl?


    Is he funny or something?

  6. That’s it. I’m setting aside twelve hours this weekend to watch the first two seasons of Arrested Development!

  7. I feel confident that once you watch the first 2, you’ll hammer off the 3rd in no time. Greatest show of all time! Or at least tied with Simpsons seasons 4-9.

    You just don’t know when to shut up, do you Saxie boy?

  8. In my opinion, college athletes deserve zero compensation. They already get a free education, not to mention free benefits that go along with that. Free perks, housing, food……you name it. Why should we pay them? So what if they bring revenue to the universities. Half of the athletes can’t even spell their names correctly. Rams WR Danny Amendola copied my spanish hw on numerous occacions and even some exams. I excelled in school yet I wasn’t paid to go to college to make good grades? Instead, i’m paying 500 dollars a month in student loan bills for my education, while an athlete gets a free education then an opportunity to make money in the pro’s.

  9. Sing it brother! I’m with you. Here’s the problem: there is a lot of extra money in college football, how do you get that to the places it needs to go (ie. scholarships for non-athlete students, facilities and infrastructure, other athletic programs) instead of in the hands of some millionaire Bowl director?

    How should/can the average student benefit from these huge revenues? Where is the system broken?

  10. They should be compensated because these are athletes making schools a ridiculous amount of money and getting an education out of it. Sure that sounds good until you realize that the majority of student-athletes don’t graduate with a degree during their time on a team. They’re getting compensated with something they don’t want. Would you work for compensation that you have no interest in?

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