Playoff atmosphere is in the air!

Lakers and the Mavericks literally duked it out last night in Los Angeles. The Lakers ran away with the heated affair and Kobe Bryant looked in fine playoff form. Check it out

I think it is easy to say one or two suspensions are on their way but how many games would you give Barnes for shoving a guy then pushing the opponents assistant coach down?


5 responses to “Playoff atmosphere is in the air!

  1. I love how quickly coaches get involved in basketball fights. That’s always my favourite part. Actually, I have two favourite parts: the coaches getting involved and the slapping. Can you imagine just how red these guys faces and arms must have been afterwards!

  2. That’s what I don’t get! Do they slap on purpose or does it just come naturally to gangly tall guys like this. Ryan would’ve been a beast in the NBA during these scrums!

  3. jason terry is such a dirt bag, always doin sh*t like that. i predict another typical mavs post-season, falling short of the title.

  4. I loved Kobe’s comments after the game about Matt Barnes. “He doesn’t start it he always just finishes it” Bam!

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