Lets Get Political!

Another election has been called in Canada and it’s time for all Canadians to sit down and figure out who deserves their vote. Politicians are known for being liars, right? They tell you one thing then do another once elected causing the voter soon loses faith in their politician and the system. Unfortunately, voters are usually not informed nearly as well as they should be.

Who will be the next Prime Minister of Canada: Stephen Harper (Conservative), Michael Ignatieff (Liberal), Jack Layton (NDP), Elizabeth May (Green Party), or Gilles Duceppe (Bloc Quebecois)?

Canada will soon have an election again and thanks to clever websites like this one, voters can better determine which political party best represents their views.

Take this quick survey and find out who will fight for the issues you value the most.

Feel free to share your thoughts and/or results with us below.


9 responses to “Lets Get Political!

  1. I may lose my coveted position here on AA as co-awesome, but I for one am not a fan of this election. Who in their right mind currently thinks they will win a majority government? Harper and the Conservatives may be the closest and they are currently in power. If we end up with another minority government out of this, we are no further along, are we?

    Also, we may try to fool ourselves by saying there are 3-5 options in Canada to vote for, but the reality is that we vote Conservative or Liberal or we throw our vote away. It’s discouraging to say the least so go ahead, vote Green and throw your vote away!

  2. Being new to Canada, I took this survey about a week ago. I found I had to do a lot of research to even understand the issues. Abolish the Senate? Militarize the Artic? They both sounded like unusual political issues. It turns out I am more conservative than a liberal, but more liberal than a conservative. Most aligned with the Liberal party.

    Being new to Canada I ask a lot of questions. I am surprised how many University educated people can’t explain some of my simple questions about how Canadian government works. I have even come across some very smart people that work in the city planning department fail to correctly explain to me parliamentary government.

  3. Henry, I’m a bit confused by your comment. Am I to understand that we should only have elections when a majority government is certain to emerge?

    -Insert fart joke here-

  4. Brooks, I’m not surprised that you are confused by my comment nor that you have succumbed to the Ben Stein line of reasoning. What you’ve done here is fallen prey to a logical fallacy. Your false dichotomy states that because I’m not a fan of spending hundreds of millions on an election that gets us back to square 1, I must only want elections when we get a majority government. Let me clarify my position. No, we should not ONLY have elections only when a majority is to emerge.

    If only Donald Trump would run for office in Canada, all my political unrest would be calmed.

  5. So the question “Who in their right mind currently thinks they will win a majority government?” is purely for prose and poetry? Nor did I see any mention of money being wasted in the initial comment.
    It’s only now, after being call on, that you state a case.

    Trump? I always thought of you as a Ron Paul fan…or perhaps Jesse “the body” Ventura.

  6. That IS a logical fallacy! Unfortunately for me that is all I have to contribute to this conversation. Other than like our good friend flynnroad (who I can only assume is from Flynn Flon) I too did not realize militarizing the arctic was a legitimate topic of concern.

  7. 2 against 1 clearly means that you are wrong here Brooks. That’s how we roll here on unfair Athletes Angle. I enjoy that you are policing the comments section to take us to task for what we say. Next time I will be sure to make my point much more clear so that you can really drive me into the ground.

  8. All this back and forth, that I clearly got the better of, resulted from me throwing my thoughts down without a moments thought, nor research, as Flynn alluded to. I think I have clearly shown here today that I am one of the University educated people of this country that can not answer simple questions about the workings of our Canadian government.

  9. Apparently when asking legitimate, non-rhetorical questions it’s proper form to start them with “who in their right mind?”


    Not saying, just saying.

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