March Madness Finale, Who You Got: UConn or Butler?

I shouldn’t have to remind anybody what tonight is but just in case you’ve been so wrapped up in the Cricket World Championships that you’ve forgotten about the rest of the sports world, I will. Tonight is the NCAA Mens Basketball National Championship game. That’s right, the 68-team March Madness Tournament is down to its final two teams:  the University of Connecticut Huskies vs. the Butler Bulldogs .

The UConn Huskies will take on the Butler Bulldogs to determine the 2011 NCAA Mens Basketball Championship

I’m no basketball expert but I do love me a good sports story and this championship game has a couple of them. Let’s break it down.

Here’s why UConn should win

I would think UConn is the favourite heading into the game tonight simply because they were seeded No. 3 in their region while Butler was seeded No. 8. UConn’s story is an interesting one as they went through their conference tournament knocking off 5 ranked teams in 5 straight days. That alone is an outstanding achievement. Factor in their 5 tournament wins and well, that’s even more outstanding. I am blown away by this run and it would be amazing to see UConn top off the best March/April we have ever seen from an NCAA mens basketball team.

Here’s why Butler should win

Don’t be fooled by Butler’s rank, they’ve been to the dance before. Last year, Butler, who was considered a Cinderella story, made it to the finals against mighty Duke. It was a classic David vs. Goliath matchup and the little guy, Butler, rimmed out on the final shot and fell just short. There are a lot of reasons to hate Duke basketball but last year, there were even more reasons to fall in love with Butler. It would be amazing to see the little guy break through and take a championship from the big boys of college basketball.

The Tie-Break

As I warned earlier, I am not a basketball expert. Because I don’t know the players or the coaches or the rules, I usually have to find other ways to pick my winners. That other way is mascots. Unfortunately, tonight’s game features a Husky going up against a Bulldog. Dog vs. dog? Come on! Even this one is too close to call!

This is going to be an amazing basketball game with some amazing stories coming out regardless of who wins. Be sure to tune in. 9 pm ET on CBS.


8 responses to “March Madness Finale, Who You Got: UConn or Butler?

  1. UCONN BABY!!!!! They are battle tested and have the best player in the nation in Kemba Walker along with a guy who is taking the tournament by storm in Jeremy Lamb. The freshman Lamb is getting better with every game and is averaging 17 points per game in the tournament. He is Batman’s Robin, Michael’s Scottie, and chocolates wing man vanilla. My pre tournament favorites bring home the national championship tonight!

  2. Chocolate and vanilla? Those two are no good together and as Jerry proved, definitely should not be mixed.

  3. Okay, so I was way off on the championship game being the championship game to end all championship games but I did warn that I am not a basketball expert. Want even more proof? Explain this article to me: Is there seriously a coaches poll after the NCAA 68-team tournament? How did Ohio State receive a first place vote after losing out in the Sweet 16? Please, somebody explain this to me.

  4. I’ll explain it to you Dallas. There are faults even with this system! Those of you that call out the beautiful BCS should point your critical eyes toward the 1 and done March Madness. A team like Ohio St who clearly has been the best team all year, does not suddenly become a worse team. They were just beaten one game by a very good team.

    This is why the BCS rules! Long live the BCS!

  5. Ummm did no one read my brilliant post about Jeremy Lamb being the difference maker in the game last night? In the second half Lamb single handedly outscored Butler……BOOM!

  6. You didn’t say “Jeremy” so I was confused as to whether you were talking about Jeremy Lamb or a real-life living-on-a-farm lamb. I would have given you credit but like I say, I was confused…and you could just imagine what an idiot I would have looked like if I had given you credit but then you were actually talking about the bahhh bahhh lamb.

    By the way, outscoring Butler in the second half, I’m not that impressed. Butler finish with 41 points. I almost outscored Butler in the second half and I didn’t even watch the game!

  7. Bahhh Baahh lamb? I think we have our new producer!

  8. Also, I read your post about the non-bahh bahh Lamb Ryan. I didn’t see any specific predictions, just regurgitations about his stats to date. I’m not giving you any kind of credit for the living, bipedal, Lamb.

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