T’wolves Just Not That Into Basketball

Miami Heat’s LeBron James catches a ‘dynamic’ Minnesota Timberwolves team showing us why they have 17 wins this season.


I would like to say this is another one of those unbelievable highlights where LeBron shows us why he’s so much better than everyone else in the NBA. Instead, he just proved that he knows that after a basket is made successfully you only get one free throw. This is the first time I have ever seen this in an NBA game and even the announcer was caught off guard!


2 responses to “T’wolves Just Not That Into Basketball

  1. Hilarious. That was the easiest rebound of Chris Bosh’s career! Unfortunately, he’s still not completely sure what happened.

  2. I guess that is what happens when you are last place in the Western conference. You become less aware than a open mouthed Chris Bosh and get a 2 hand throw down from Lebron for a 4 point play.

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