Get Excited For March Madness 2012

The McDonalds All-American game went down last week at the United Centre in Chicago. Check out the video for highlights and to learn which NCAA schools the players have committed to for next season.

This year, three Canadians played in the game (and are also featured on the video):  Myck Kabongo, a finalist for the U.S. high school player of the year and is committed to the University of Texas; Kyle Wiltjer, the 2011 Gatorade Player of the Year in the state of Oregon and committed to the University of Kentucky; and Kehm Birch, ranked 11th overall in ESPN’s College Basketball Recruiting Rankings has decided to attend the University of Pittsburgh. These guys are legit players who will be looking to make big contributions next year at their respective schools. I just look forward to picking them in my bracket!


3 responses to “Get Excited For March Madness 2012

  1. These are high school kids? Holy moly. Well, I will never again say that I could have easily made the NBA.

  2. In my often delusional state I like to think I could have held my own against these guys when I was in high school…..Lets see that would’ve made them 7 or 8…..yea I’m pretty sure I could’ve held my own.

  3. Oh we would’ve killed them when they were that young. Maybe not in speed, shooting, or dribbling but we would’ve destroyed them in the paint!

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