Turco Wins During A Loss

Chicago Blackhawks goaltender, Marty Turco, lost his starting spot and has now found a new way to make money. During last nights action, Turco made a wager with a Habs fan on who would score next in the game. After winning the initial bet, Turco lost the final bet when P.K. Subban scored the game winner in overtime. When Turco won the initial bet the Habs fan wrote “Habs rule” on the five-dollar bill. Turco returned it after the overtime winner with Habs scratched out and “Turco Rules” written on the bill.

Check out the full story here

This may not have been the smartest idea ever by Marty Turco but the fact that he wrote “Turco Rules” rather than “Hawks Rule” is hilarious! It may also show us he’s not exactly a team player.

What do you think about Turco’s actions and will the NHL punish him?


4 responses to “Turco Wins During A Loss

  1. This is a misleading title. By my count, Turco has lost the starting gig and broke even in betting on his team. That is at least a -1, if not worse.

    As for his actions, I think this is hilarious and he gave the fan a treat by interacting with them. Every NHL fan craves this, even if it is the opposing team that is delivering the attention.

    That he wrote “Turco rules” on the bill, instead of the Hawks, can only be seen as selfish or at best shortsighted, even if it is plainly wrong.

    My guess is that Bettman is going to come down hard on this non-event since he wasn’t cut in on the action.

  2. More appropriate title: “Turco Bets Entire Pay Cheque”

  3. “Habs” turns into “Hawks” so easily. He just got greedy.

  4. Man Brooks I can’t decide which of your comments I find more hilarious!

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