Corey Perry First to 50

More hockey news out of Anaheim. After last week’s show when Dallas admitted he is ‘slurping’ up Teemu Selanne, another player is making waves on the west coast. Corey Perry is the first NHL player to get to 50 goals this season. He did this with a hat-trick last night against the Wild.

I love looking back on NHL drafts and I gotta rant. Corey Perry was drafted 28th overall in 2003. Pretty low for a guy who played wing on Sidney Crosby’s line at the World Junior Hockey Championships. 2003 was a pretty big draft year in terms of talent.

Interesting notes from the 2003 NHL Draft:

Florida originally had the first overall pick. They traded it to the Penguins with their 3rd round pick for the 3rd overall pick, a second round pick, and Mikael Samuelsson. Here’s how the draft started:

1st – Marc-Andre Fleury (Pitt)

2nd – Eric Staal (Car)

3rd – Nathan Horton (Fla)

Edmonton traded down from 17th to 22nd and got a third round selection for their troubles. Here’s a list of players drafted from 17th – 21st:  Zach Parise, Eric Fehr, Ryan Getzlaf, Brent Burns, Mark Stuart.

With the 22nd pick overall in the 2003 draft, the Oilers stepped up and drafted……..MARC-ANTOINE POULIOT!

Why,  oh why, am I an Oiler fan?


3 responses to “Corey Perry First to 50

  1. Oh and fun side note…..Dustin Byfuglien was drafted in the 8th round 245th overall that year. That draft year makes up a ton of the NHL right now.

  2. Just when I thought the damn Oilers had been drafting well for a few years in the early 2000’s, you show me this. They traded away from Zach Parise? What the hell is wrong with them?

  3. That is heart-breaking to hear. Thanks for ruining my Friday Ryan. Isn’t it weird how a draft pick trade like that never looks like a big deal until you put it like that. This one has me sick to my stomach! You must go public with this story!

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