Oilers Future Flashes Before Their Eyes

Former Oiler, Raffi Torres, ran over one of the Oilers lone bright spots this season when he ‘trucked’ Jordan Eberle. As a result, the Vancouver Canucks grinder received a four game suspension. He will miss two regular season games as well as two playoff games. This turns into a pretty harsh suspension for the Canucks squad, who already lost some grit when Manny Malhotra went down for the season with an eye injury. The Canucks are losing their depth at exactly the wrong time.

This suspension surprises me. The NHL has spent the entire season looking the other way when a player gets run over whilst in a defenseless position. This is the first time they’ve suspended someone for such a hit and for it to be a suspension that carries over into the playoffs I’ve got to say, bravo NHL you finally got one right! It only took 80 games but hey whatever.


One response to “Oilers Future Flashes Before Their Eyes

  1. That was a solid elbow to the head. Would’ve been guaranteed a top 10 on the Don Cherry’s Rockem Sockem of old. My favorite part is how quickly Torres has his gloves off when O’Mara charges to Eberle’s rescue.

    Big props to Eberle for getting up so quick, but the bounce off the ice probably helped him halfway.

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