LeBron Had A Week To End All Weeks

This past week LeBron James’ mother, Gloria, was arrested for assulting a valet outside of a Miami hotel at 4:45 am. Police said James was uncooperative and argued for a while, telling them, “I’m trying to trust you, but I don’t trust your kind.” (See the Police video here).

Then on Wednesday LeBron launched his new cartoon series that is supposed to help kids deal with major issues they may face during their childhood. The 10-part animated web series is unfortunately not available in Canada. I guess Canadian kids don’t have any issues.

Last but not least, LeBron James and his marketing group is partnering with the Fenway Sports Group (FSG). The deal gives FSG full control of marketing the star basketball player in exchange for a minority share in Liverpool FC. Details can be read here. Whoa whoa whoa, I thought LeBron already had a marketing group. That’s right LRMR, named after himself and three childhood friends, are the dynamic individuals who steered LeBron into the greatest “Decision” of his career. They are the one’s who put together the one-hour special LeBron tells all. Then we had to hear about how he’s taking his talents to South Beach. Remember, that alone made him a global icon…..didn’t it?

Don’t Liverpool FC fans hate FSG because of their terrible mismanagement and waste of millions of pounds? Another swing and a miss for LRMR!


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