Canada’s Vote Compass

Another election has been called in Canada and it’s time for all Canadians to sit down and figure out who deserves their vote. Politicians are known for being liars, right? They tell you one thing then do another once elected causing the voter soon loses faith in their politician and the system. Unfortunately, voters are usually not informed nearly as well as they should be.

Canada will soon have an election again and thanks to clever websites like this one, voters can better determine which political party best represents their views.

Take this quick survey and find out who will fight for the issues you value the most.

Feel free to share your thoughts and/or results with us below.


One response to “Canada’s Vote Compass

  1. I clearly was not informed and really enjoyed seeing where all the parties stood on issues that I actually had opinions on. Although this didn’t help me to pick a party that aligns with my values, it did open my eyes a little wider to the political landscape.

    I must be careful what I say about the political arena or Brooks will hunt me down and tear me a new one.

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