Charl! Good to see ya!

Thanks Phil, and say hello to your wife for me.

In as exciting a finish as a major golf event can have, Charl Schwartzel, of South Africa, won the Masters yesterday.  8 different players had a share of the lead yesterday but only Charl donned the green jacket at the end of the day.  The 26-year-old shot a 6 under round of 66 to win the prestigious event.  He both chipped in for a birdie and holed out from the fairway for an eagle and yet there seem to be more stories about Tiger not winning, than stories about the young man who did.  I listened to endless chirping last night on the radio that Tiger won’t win anymore because a) he is too old and b) players are substantially better than they were 10  years ago.  We have had 10 different winners in the last 10 majors and that would seem to support that theory of a large number of top contenders.  That, or its that everyone is that much worse, meaning every player has a shot at every tournament.  Which do you think it is and will Tiger ever start dominating the sport again?


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