Playoffs Baby Playoffs! [air date: April 11th, 2011]

This weeks show Dallas was off skiing in Aspen with his boys Lloyd and Harry, so Henry and Ryan were joined by Brooks to talk about the NHL and NBA playoffs. Jason Gregor, from The Jason Gregor Show, joined us to give us some insight into the NHL season that was. He also offered up his playoff predictions as he got us geared up for the post-season.

Catch the entire show in the media player below.

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9 responses to “Playoffs Baby Playoffs! [air date: April 11th, 2011]

  1. Mr. Snrub...yes...that'll do.

    This new guy is really great!

  2. I like the way Snrub thinks.

  3. Well Snrub, it was a trial based on homelessness and wild hair. Just like that guy with the golden voice. We can try to help Brooks find his path on the show, but sooner or later he will just end up back downtown.

  4. More feedback from these jerks like Snrub and I’m going to be out of a freaking job!

    Good job filling in Brooks, it was an entertaining show. I am going to have to take issue with the takes on ManRam. You guys made good points about just how good he is and I like the takes that personalities like that are good for the game and for some reason, most leagues fight to keep these guys down. This guy has now been caught for cheating twice and you guys want to congratulate him on a great career as he’s forced into retirement. Doesn’t this make you wonder how long he’s been cheating for? Doesn’t it make you question any of his stats? If Barry Bonds can’t get into the Hall, there is no way ManRam can find his way in.

    I love that like two days after being forced into retirement he decides he’s going backpacking around Spain with his dad. Seriously, cancel Jersey Shore and put some cameras on this guy. Hilarious!

    I also like the hall of fame talk but you left out a very interesting tidbit. How about the Baseball Hall of Fame inducting singer/song writers that have contributed a good baseball song? Who is not in the baseball hall of fame? Oops, kind of contradicting my previous thought.

  5. Upon listening to the podcast again I realize that we did make Manny out to be a hero and the MLB into villians. Manny has been caught twice and got what he deserved with the suspension.

    In a side note, a minor league player was suspended for 25-games for having a syringe in his possesion. No drug test nothing, just the fact it was in his locker got him suspended. Is minor league baseball following the NFL and taking the no nonsense approach just not make the most sense? Why doesn’t every league have this rule. Syringes are used for illegal substances and people with diabetes. Teams are aware of diabetics on their team. So why isn’t this rule in place?

  6. Good point. I don’t want to make this story sound like this guy is an idiot, especially like you said, there are other uses for syringes than steroids, but I would hope this guy would either get special clearance from the team and the league or find a better place to store these things. Obviously if a reporter stumbles upon this, he is just going to run with it.

    Another show note: thanks for the shout-outs fellas. Skiing in Banff was good. Unfortunately, it wasn’t that warm on the hill, the beer only flowed like wine if you paid for it, and beautiful women did not instinctively flock like the salmon of Capistrano..

  7. I remember when I had my wisdom teeth out, I was given a syringe for cleaning my empty sockets. Maybe it was for that, or his cat had an eye infection. I’m not sure I enjoy this blanket approach, although if it only affects 1 minor leaguer and sets an example for others, I can probably get over it.

    These are all good points about Manny and why we shouldn’t praise him or let him into the hall of fame, but at this point, don’t we all assume that every player in the majors is or was using steroids at some point? It seems like I have just accepted it and I think that is sad for all the players that haven’t used and are still out there producing at a high level.

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