Hamilton Throws Coach ‘Under The Bus’

Josh Hamilton, the reigning American League MVP, threw his coach under the bus yesterday after breaking his arm on what he describes as a ‘dumb’ play. You be the judge.

 The play will end up costing Hamilton 6-8 weeks on the disabled list. Should players always listen to their coach or are there times and circumstances that the player should make their own decisions?


4 responses to “Hamilton Throws Coach ‘Under The Bus’

  1. Hamilton is such a tool. Always blaming others. The coach was right wasn’t he? Nobody was covering home plate. It was a race between Hamilton and the catcher, and he lost. It doesn’t mean it was a bad decision, it means Hamilton’s fat ass couldn’t beat a CATCHER to home plate and couldn’t slide properly to not break his arm. Does he have a no head first slides clause in his contract? What a bunch of crap after his team went above and beyond to accommodate him last year and make him feel part of the team.

  2. To be fair, I was to blame for his crack addiction.

  3. Is he going to hold that over you for another year?

  4. Even if it was a mistake by the coach to send him home, you would think Josh Hamilton would be the one guy out there that would most understand that people sometimes make mistakes. Disappointing to see this guy lose perspective so fast, especially since he’s on my fantasy team. I draft strictly on character; I don’t know how this one slipped by me.

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