Oilers Lose Enough To Win

The Edmonton Oilers won the NHL’s draft lottery last night. They went in with a 48.5% chance of winning the first overall pick and they indeed did. New Jersey was the “winner” of the lottery jumping up four spots to 4th overall as Ottawa slid to 6th overall.

With the top pick the Oilers are expected to draft Adam Larsson D, Ryan Nugent-Hopkins C, or Gabriel Landeskog LW. My vote is for Landeskog and last night during an interview Taylor Hall also said he hopes they choose Gabriel. He’s a fierce competitor with all the tools, the problem is the Oilers are loaded at wing, kind of, and could really use a centre. June 24th is the draft in Minnesota.


12 responses to “Oilers Lose Enough To Win

  1. I’m an Oilers fan but seriously, no team should ever get two straight #1 draft picks. I can’t wait to hear everybody give Steve Tambellini all the credit in the world when this team finishes 18 next season. With two #1 overall draft picks, you should be a good hockey team!

    The Pittsburgh Penguins drafted Malkin in 2004 and Crosby and Staal in 2005. The won the cup in 2009. The Blackhawks drafted Toews in 2006 and Kane in 2007 and won the cup in 2010. Tambo, you are officially on the clock…and I’m not just talking about this year’s draft.

  2. Dallas let me school you on draft talk since I am an expert in my own mind.
    Pittsburgh draft picks for a 5-year period.

    2002 – 5th overall – Ryan Whitney
    2003 – 1st overall – Marc-Andre Fleury
    2004 – 2nd overall – Evgeni Malkin
    2005 – 1st overall – Sidney Crosby
    2006 – 2nd overall – Jordan Stall

    If you think two first overall picks are going to turn the Oilers into contenders then you sir are more delusional then Henry is about fantasy football. The Oilers will have a top 6 pick next year after another year of ups and downs.

  3. Also in 2006 Pitt took Staal 2nd overall after Erik Johnson went first. 3rd was Jonathan Toews and 4th was Nicklas Backstrom. That’s why I want the Oilers to take Nugent-Hopkins or Gabriel Landskog so we don’t end up like St. Louis who traded Johnson this year for more offense.

  4. Wow, I have never seen Ryan slap down Dallas so definitively and decisively.

    Slow clap.

    I’m impressed but not speechless. I agree it doesn’t follow that a team who drafts #1 two years in a row must win a Cup in the following couple years, but that is what every Oiler fan is now hoping. After reviewing Anaheim’s 2003 draft and the success they had after late 1st round draft picks, I’m not sure the Oilers can continue to get returns on their draft picks once they start drafting out of the top 5.

  5. Also, I didn’t get to watch this draft lottery live, nor do I want to look it up. Can someone please explain how this shit works?

  6. They put the balls in a machine (that’s what she said) with the right probability then draw the teams. The sketchy thing is you never get to see the balls drop (again that’s what she said). The whole thing could be rigged no one knows as no camera’s ever watch it unfold!

  7. But 8th can’t move up any further than 4 spots? Everyone doesn’t have a chance at the first overall pick do they? It seems like there are multiple drafts for the 1-4 pick, the 5-8 pick and maybe more.

  8. Here’s how it works: the NHL gathers it’s brightest, the sit around a big expensive board room, order-in for lunch (probably sushi or thai), then they decide which team they think should get to move up and stuff the envelopes accordingly. I love the video for this. All 5 GM’s sitting at the desk like they’re on the Dating Game.

    Beautiful Girl: Uh, this question is for Steve Tambellini: if I were a draft pick, how would you draft me?

    Tambellini: Well, first I would draft you slow, then I would draft you fast.

    Bryan Murray: I’d call up Greg Sherman and we would split the pick.

  9. hahahaha, funniest thing I’ve ever heard. It’s good you bounced back with humor after the epic beatdown Ryan handed you earlier on this post.

  10. What beat-down from Ryan? I’m not saying the Oilers are going to win a cup. What I’m trying to say is that there isn’t a general manager in the league that would get a free pass after two-consecutive first round picks. This team had better get it together fast or else Tambellini will never see another NHL job again.

  11. Sounds like a beat down to me! Also my sister likes you. As well as your dating game post was hilarious. That is all

  12. That is all. Haha your sister.

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