NHL Cashes In…Big Time!

After spending most of the season promoting my “fire Gary Bettman” campaign I’ve learned I may have to back off a little bit from that approach. As much as I think the American Lawyer does all he can to screw up the game I love, I do have to give him credit. The NHL just announced that it has generate a record $2.9 billion in revenue this year. Most due to things like their new sponsorship deal with Molson Coors but also increased revenues at the Winter Classic and All-Star game. The Winter Classic is new under the Bettman regime along with the smash hit HBO series 24/7.

Check out the full story right here.

No matter how bad the NHL keeps screwing up its disciplinary problems, people seem to be loving the game more than ever. So for the first and probably the last time, I say kudos to you Gary Bettman.


6 responses to “NHL Cashes In…Big Time!

  1. Bettman celebrated by starting a franchise in Pine Bluff Arkansas

  2. Who wouldn’t put a team in the largest city in Jefferson County? Some things just make sense.

  3. Oh man, you guys are funny! The Pine Bluff Buffs; how’s that for a name?

    Write the caption on the Bettman photo:

    “No, I did not hear the McRib is back…very interesting.”

  4. The caption on the Bettman photo:

    Ooooohhh, the Mcrib! Delightful.

  5. “Wasn’t it McRib sauce that was all over Boudreau’s mouth on 24/7? I’d like a piece of that action”

  6. haha, I’m taking that as a Bettman caption, and I’m disgusted..

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