Another Celtic Can’t Finish A Dunk

After we seen Boston Celtic Von Wafer not only miss a dunk the other night but then celebrate and run into his own teammate and…..well it was a mess you can witness it here. The very next night we get another great dunk by another Boston Celtic. This time it was the newly acquired Jeff Green who couldn’t finish. He dunks the ball off his own head and back out of the basket. The refs called it a no basket and the play continued. Check it out.

Is it just me or is all the ‘luck’ going against the Celtics right now? This team seems destined for a first round playoff exit. What is everyone putting the Celtics chances at for winning in the first round of the playoffs?


2 responses to “Another Celtic Can’t Finish A Dunk

  1. Dallas it looks like Boston could use a few days of tutoring from your slam dunking academy. Do you still put on that camp or is all just chest passes and lay-ups?

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